Industrial decor is VERY HOT right now, which is fabulous for me because I love it.  I don’t think it’s a trend that will end any time soon–in fact, I think it’s a very timeless look.  There are so many options for industrial shelving!

How to Build Industrial Pipe Shelves/Desks

Materials Needed:

-  Wall anchors -  Screws -  Stain {we used Brown Mahogany gel stain by General Finishes} -  Protective top coat

-  Drill and/or drill driver -  Kreg jig -  Miter saw -  1 1/8″ Forstner bit

Tools Needed:

Steps: 1

 First, take your time to measure your space and plan out your project.  You will need to figure out exactly what lengths of pipe you need and how wide your shelves need to be.

Next, purchase the components you plan to use and assemble the pipe “skeleton.”  Then, make sure it fits in the space!

Steps: 2

Steps: 3

Cut all your shelves to length and stain them. Use a Kreg jig to attach two of the shelves together to form your desk, which will be used on the bottom.

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