Learn how to build an ornament display tree to hold your favorite Christmas ornaments, following our simple woodworking plan. This easy triangle Christmas tree ornament holder looks great on a mantel or shelf.

DIY Ornament Display Tree

When we first teamed up with HerToolbelt in 2014 to design and build this DIY ornament tree, we knew you’d like it, but now we know that you LOVE it as much as we do!

When my husband’s grandmother passed away, we were fortunate enough to inherit some of her beautiful and authentically vintage glass ornaments.

DIY Ornament Tree for Vintage Glass Ornaments

How to Build an Ornament Tree

DIY Ornament Display Tree Materials

-  Wood glue -  1 1/2″ brad nails -  1 1/4″ screws (2 or 3) -  Wood filler -  Sand paper -  Stain/paint

-  Miter saw -  (optional) angle jig – building instructions included in the woodworking plan -  Brad nailer (or hammer and Finish nails, or staple gun) -  Drill/driver


How to Use a Wooden Ornament Tree

While we designed this wooden Christmas tree to be an ornament holder, the possibilities are endless!

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