Make use of vertical space with these DIY wall organizer ideas for your home office or as a command center/family organization wall.

24 Awesome DIY Wall Organizer Ideas

Pegboard Wall Organizer Ideas

This one is for office/art supplies for kids, but could be easily modified and customized to your needs.

A mini-command center could be just the ticket if you’re tight on space or time!

Clipboard Office Wall Organizer

DIY Envelope Wall Organizer

This easy envelope wall organizer is actually just custom-made envelopes hung directly on the wall!

You’ve probably collected many of these that don’t have a purpose yet, so put them to good use holding cards, receipts, pens and journals, sunnies and more!  

Corkboard and Gift Bag Wall Organizer

DIY Wood Mail Organizers

This mail and key organizer is made from scrap wood and easily tucks into a small corner. It’s the perfect spot to round up your bills and various important papers.

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