Today, we’re bringing more rustic style into our living room and kitchen with our DIY wood beam doorway.

How to Make a Rustic DIY Wood Beam Doorway

We had to pry off the baseboard on either side of the doorway first using a small pry bar.  We set them aside to cut and reattach later.

We wanted our header to be 10 inches high, and our posts on the side of the opening to be 6 inches wide

After all of the wood was stained and dried, we busted out our brad nailer to attach a wood strip on the interior side of the doorway.

After nailing up both interior side strips, we finished out the posts on the walls for either side.

We made sure to cut the length of the strip for the sides just shy of meeting the top of the doorway to leave room for the plywood thickness in the next step.

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