A big thanks to Cassity for having me over again to guest post.  You will find me at my blog, 33 Shades of Green, crafting, cooking, decorating, and trying out all sorts of creative projects.

Today I am sharing with you how I sewed a Roman Shade for my laundry room.

Determine what size to cut your fabric.  Measure your window and add 4″ to the width and 8-1/2″ to the length.  Cut fabric and lining to the same size.

Use an iron and press a 2″ hem on the sides and bottom edge of your fabric.

Make mitered corners.  Unfold the hems you just ironed.  Fold up each corner and iron.  See photo above.

Now repeat hems on your lining except make hems 2-1/2″ on each side.

 Lay out fabric, right side down.  Place liner on fabric, right side up, and pin together.  Place lining 2″ above bottom edge of fabric.

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