Oh my goodness, I am so excited to share this kitchen countertops project and see what you think. It was a big one and maybe the first time I’ve done something to our home that I was actually really scared to start.

So beautiful. But so out of reach. At least I thought so until I read this makeover story  or this marble painted counter tutorial, from a woman who painted her old countertops.

Painted Countertops Tutorial

.  Primer • Sponge Brushes • Sand paper (or sponge) • Glitter • Drop Cloths • Painters tape

Supplies and Materials

Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, you’ll want to start by cleaning and then sanding the laminate counters lightly.

Step 1:  Prep- Cleaning and Sanding the Laminate Countertops

Step 2: Paint on Primer

Once I had sanded everything down, I wiped them down again thoroughly to get rid of any residue from sanding. Then I covered everything with the first coat of paint, a coat of primer.

Step 3: Base Coat of Paint (thin layers)

After that was dry, three thin coats of my base gray color went down on the whole countertop surface, with drying in between each.

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