When you’re looking for a great aged wood look, it’s hard to beat actual salvaged wood. But when you have a piece you just want to *look* old, how do you do that?

Getting a Restoration Hardware Style Weathered Oak Finish

I started with this dresser drawer front. The dresser was a total mess that I picked up on the side of the road. The drawers and chest couldn’t be saved but I liked the drawer fronts even though they were not solid wood.

The first step was to strip the finish off the drawer front. I love Citri Strip. It can be used inside with no harmful fumes and it works well.

Paint the stripping gel on with a cheap but not foam brush, wear gloves and the wipe off after a few minutes with a plastic scraper and then wipe down with cotton rags.

At this point I let the wood sit overnight. I want to make sure it is totally dry before going any further. Early the next morning I got busy staining. The first layer is Minwax Weathered Oak.

I use a foam brush to put the stain down then wipe off with cotton rags.

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