Ombre Painted Walls in Dining Nook


I love this beautiful dining room.  I think the ombre painted stripe wall and the colors are calming and it is a great space for a family meal.  I also loved how they updated the existing chairs and added an economical Cragis list find banquette!  I think when you see it all you will agree!

nook in daylight 008


I love how this dining room turned out.  The grey toned blues and the bright pops of coral and amazing together.  And of course you can’t forget the ombre painted stripe walls.  We have seen a lot of great similar styles and I thought I would show you what those look like, so that you can see for yourself, how you can implement great design into your space.




This picture (above) from House Beautiful last summer, was the first picture that came to mind.  I feel like it has a similar vibe comfortable but fun.  The images below also have such a great feeling.  Some are casual, some are formal, but they all feel like very inviting rooms. (click on the images for the source)

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And even though this is maybe a little too spring like, I thought this was a cute for for fashion- I NEED some cowgirl boots! (you can make that necklace click on the picture for the tutorial!


270356783850949083_uJXpBTKD_c  232639136971419701_R2dCygnY_f


Dining Nook Submitted by Fresh Coat of Paint

I’m Deme, over at Fresh Coat Of Paint.  After renting in NM for 4 years (and living in 5 different houses!) we are thrilled and blessed to be homeowners again!  After not being able to take a paintbrush to the walls for so long, I was itching for a place that needed a little love and that we could really make our own.


We found just that – a ranch style home, sporting a lot of iridescent wallpaper and outdated fixtures, but with great bones and space for our young family of 5.  We love sharing our adventures in DIY with family and friends through this little blog, as we slowly turn this house into home!


Let’s take a little trip together.  A trip to the dark and dreary land of our breakfast nook.  After scrapping wallpaper and removing the old dark chair rail, we were left with this.

1  kitchen without wallpaper 004

A feast for the eyes, eh?

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (2)


The first change to this space (besides removing that old fruit wallpaper) was to address the lighting.   Installing recessed lights throughout the kitchen made a world of difference!

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (3)


It stayed just like this for quite awhile but with school fast approaching it was time to tackle the rest of this eat in kitchen area. The kids ate breakfast and lunch here regularly but we really needed this to be a multifunctional space for eating, painting/crafts, homework, learning activities and congregating as a family.

We began by priming and painting those awful walls.  I’m not one to jump on a trend but I couldn’t resist the pull of the ombre!  I had planned to use stripes to help the space feel larger, so a subtle ombre painted stripe wall was the perfect backdrop.

I began with a Valspar paint chip.  We had already selected “Granite Dust” for the new wall color in the kitchen.  It’s less blue and more grey than this photo reads.  So I picked up one gallon of the “Granite Dust” and then 1 quart of “Comet Dust” and “Notre Dame”.  These would be stripes 1, 3, and 5.

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (4)

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (5)  dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (6)

I did that for all edges that framed the last two stripes (2 & 4).  After that dried, the last two colors went up!  To get the right middle shade, I mixed 1/2 of the 1st stripe color with 1/2 of the middle stripe color for stripe #2 and did the same for stripe #4, mixing 1/2 of the middle color with 1/2 of the bottom color.  You can read more about how the painting was accomplished here.

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (7)  dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (8)


Seating was a big issue in this space – the table and chairs could seat four, so someone in our family of five was always out of luck.  To expand seating we took advantage of the corner space by adding an L-shaped bench (scored off craigslist), which expanded our seating to seven.  We said goodbye to the honey colored finish and gave her a fresh coat of white paint.


They were pretty basic, but the feature that sold me was the additional storage in the bench seats.  I lined the inside with a graphic shelf liner from TJMaxx and filled them with art/craft supplies.  This one holds all of our painting supplies (in one box so that when it’s time to paint, I only have to pull out one thing) as well as pencils, crayons and tape.  I keep glue and scissors in a nearby bookcase where little fingers can not reach.  The other bench holds paper, dry erase handwriting boards (Target dollar bins), a box of dry erase markers and plenty of activity books.


dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (9)  dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (10)

It is so nice to have all of our arts and craft supplies in one location, right where we’ll be doing the creating!  We also made a kids art gallery in the dining room, so new masterpieces can go straight up for display.

To ensure the benches would be a comfy spot to sit, we made a cushion using 2″ foam, cut it to size with a sharp serrated knife and covered it with some grey fabric (actually a sheet).  I will probably replace it with a fun outdoor fabric at some point.  Outdoor fabrics are a great option for well-used areas like this – they hold up well to little ruffians and clean up well too.  Another option is to treat your regular fabrics with Scotch Guard to give them an added durability and protection against spills and stains.

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (12)


I busted out all of the pillows in about an hour using this super easy envelope pillow cover tutorial by Maillardville Manor.  I don’t think I’ll ever make pillows another way!  (You can use Scotch Guard to prevent messy stains on these puppies too).  The envelope cover makes it super easy to pull off and toss right in the wash.

We stuck with the same table and chairs giving them a fresh coat of paint and making a minor adjustment to the height of the chairs.  I had the hubs take off the top rung which was a much better proportion to the benches and gave them a smaller footprint in the tiny space.  A quick sanding and they were ready to go!


dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (13)  dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (14)


I wanted to have some fun with color here, so I covered the natural seat fibers with painters tape and Press n Seal, then went to work.  Hhhmmmm.  Salmon anyone?

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (15)


A lovely color but not the bold coral I was going for.  This color was Valspar’s Passion Pink.  It was very close to the color chip but far less dark and saturated as the color sample on the lid.  Our second attempt (sample on the right) was the perfect shade, Valspar’s Autumn Fire. It gave the chairs just the right pop of color!


dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (16)dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (17)


Are you ready to see the reveal?

Ombre striped walls ombre painted wall stripes dining room



The prints on the wall are another DIY project.  I took one of our favorite Dr. Seuss quotes (“The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”) and broke it up into four sections.  I used a digital scrap-booking kit, “First Comes Love” by Shawna Clingerman, to create a print for each section and then framed them in these white lovelies I grabbed on sale from Target.

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (20)

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (21)


They mark this is as a place to explore, learn and create!

We mounted 3 knobs from Hobby Lobby right next to the benches.  With 3 kids so close in age everything tends to get identified with an initial or color coded to keep everyone’s belongings with the right little person.  Here we went with pink/purple (Mia), green (Jack), and blue (Sully) knobs for each of the kidlet’s art smocks.  Easily accessible and easy to put away when art time is over.  Mr. Owl holds our twistable Crayola colored pencils that we use most often. His spot in the corner keeps them handy but also out of the way.

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (22)

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (23)  dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (24)

That colorful scallop striped fabric by Michael Miller inspired the whole color palette for this cozy space.  The entire area feels so much brighter and much more inviting.

Even at night this space get plenty of light and still feels bright and open.

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (25)  dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (26)

We are so thrilled with this fresh new area of our home!

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (27)  dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (28)

dining nook with ombre painted stripe walls (18)

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  1. I would have never thought of stripes on the walls, but it looks fantastic! I love all of the bright colors to accent it. They make the room look so fun! : ) Great Job.