Hello lovely Remodelaholic readers!! Janel here from NellieBellie. I’m here today with my little kitchen in tow. Well, it’s not really mine. It belongs to my landlord and is mine as long as I pay my rent.

First, let’s start with the necessary before picture. This is our kitchen when we moved in about 3 months ago… (We do have a fridge… tucked in to the left. Just in case you were worried about our ice cream supply. )

With some smart choices, creative additions, and practical storage solutions I now have the cutest little rental kitchen you ever did see!! 

Here are the temporary (truly…all temporary) additions that have brought so much life and personality to my rental kitchen!

I used black vinyl on the upper cupboard doors around the stove hood area. Vinyl is removable with little problems.

We were lucky enough to come into a rental that already had large holes behind the stove area. So, we made use of those already existing holes and added the rail system from IKEA.

A fun trick for rental cabinet doors, besides the vinyl, is good ol’ string. Simply wrap string around the cabinet doors as tightly as possible and tie it off. 

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