Hey guys, I am back today to share a great project for adding character to your kitchen. I put together this custom wood vent hood tutorial for you, in hopes of breaking down the process so that you can tackle something similar for your own home.

Here is a an inspiration sketch for where I want to go with this wall:

Building the Frame

To start you will need to determine the full height of your custom wood hood vent. We have 8 foot ceilings. 

To begin, construct a rectangular frame out of 2×4’s. This will be the lower portion of the range hood vent frame. You can use pocket holes and screws, or pre-drill the holes and use wood screws.

Next construct an additional frame using 2×4’s. This will be the uppper portion of the hood vent frame.

It is now time to intall the upper portion of the frame using wood screws. I screwed into both the wall and ceiling.The vent will run outside- and we will cut out for appropriate venting through the roof.

Once your two frame pieces are in place, it is time to mark the angle on your 2×4’s for the angled support brackets. Hold up the board, mark the angle with a pencil and rip down on a table saw.

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