Ready to add some backyard shade? We’ll show you how to build a pergola on a deck. This simple DIY deck pergola adds shade and style to your outdoor living space.

Just to give you an idea of how much time, here’s a picture of how the deck looked before and after this project:

We removed the railing from the raised deck, cleaned it up, and added a solid deck stain (that looks like paint but should hold up so much better!).

Before you start hoisting beams in the air and getting that saw buzzing, make sure you’ve got a good DIY deck pergola plan worked out.

Planning a DIY Pergola on an Existing Deck

Framing: Parts of a Pergola

We’ll be using certain terms such as Post, Beam and Joist throughout the post for parts of the pergola. (See image above.)

Set the post anchors on the deck

With the location and size determined, we can get started on the pergola construction.

Raise the 6×6 posts and add bracing

With the anchors now installed, its almost time to lift the 6×6 posts into place. This job will take at least two people.

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