Krista had a small deck at the back of her home that just wasn’t living up to its potential to be an asset to the outdoor space. She came up with these brilliantly clever space-saving deck benches for a small deck. Check out the building plan and video tutorial. 

This is what my deck has looked like for the entire three years I have lived in my home.

I took some ideas from what I found on the internet, added a dash of my own creativity, and designed these!

Measure the perimeter of your deck. I wanted three benches. One along each side. The side tables are 23 7/8″ x 23 7/8″.

If you want a table in the corner like this. The lengths are reduced to allow for the table to rest on the supports for the seat of the bench.

Using the image above, and your measurements for your deck make a list of how many 2 x 6s you will need for the bench fronts, seats, backs, and top plate.

I also added (2) 2×4 pieces to the bench fronts and backs when I was building.It broke up the monotony of the 2x6s, and decreased the spacing between slats.

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