Some of the biggest expenses in a kitchen remodel are countertops and cabinets. So what’s a budget-savvy Remodelaholic to do?

How to Create Faux Reclaimed Wood Countertops

We bought our current home almost 2 years ago (it’s still not finished of course…my work is never done). The kitchen was the space I was most excited about. 

The counters here, really make the kitchen. They play such a big part in the farmhouse feel of the kitchen, that we couldn’t have gotten from granite.

To start, we took off the laminate counters. Only a couple of screws hold it on from the underneath, so no biggie there.

Next we installed a plywood base. This is the spot to make changes to your existing layout/footprint, if you have the room. We extended the island out an additional 4″ from it’s starting point.

The plywood was screwed directly into the cabinet base, and 4 “L” brackets were used underneath the overhang. Adding several nails, helped hold it in place, for installation.

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