Learn how to decorate a Christmas tree — these five basis steps apply to every type of decor and style. You’ll love the end result!

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Step 1: Add Lights

I prefer to use an extension cord and wrap it up the tree’s trunk.  That way, lights can be added starting at the top of the tree versus starting at the bottom.

By “filler” I mean pretty things you add to the tree, similar to something you would find in a floral arrangement.  Filler adds interest to the tree and helps fill any holes.

 Step 2: Add Filler

Step 3: Add Ribbon

Ribbon adds texture to the tree.  There are several ways you can add it.  You can wrap it around the tree, you can stream it down the tree starting from the top and you can cut ribbon sections and add sporadically through the tree.

Try to visually keep the ornaments even throughout the tree. Fill in empty spots and rearrange as you go to get a look you love.

 Step 4: Add ornaments

 5: Add a tree skirt

A tree skirt is like a pair of shoes — it can make or break the outfit!  When you wear a pretty dress, you definitely want to wear pretty shoes.

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