Hey guys! I’m Sarah from Just The Bees Knees, and I’m here today to help solve one of the biggest decorating dilemmas that plagues homeowners everywhere; what in the world to do with those tall walls?!

24 Ways to Decorate Tall Walls

Gallery walls and oversized art are probably the most common solution to fill up those tall walls. A large grouping of art or photographs are a great way to fill up the space.

Use Large Scale Art

A single, oversized piece of art also makes a bold statement.

Instead of an oversized painting, think outside the box and use other large scale pieces that act as art.

This floor to ceiling art installation is a unique way to fill up a long skinny wall.

Use Color and Texture

Here, panels of trim are filled with grasscloth. Printed wallpaper would also look great and create the feel of an art piece.

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