Recessed lighting fixtures made specifically for remodeling projects allow you to add light to any room. Attic access is not needed and you won’t need to patch the ceiling after! Learn how to install recessed lights without attic access with this tutorial.

How to Install Recessed Lighting (even without attic access)

Materials needed:

-  Remodeling recessed lights (also found on Amazon) -  Pencil -  Hand-held drywall saw -  Wire strippers -  Wire cutters -  Flat screwdriver

 Determine where you want your lights installed and mark your ceiling accordingly.  Make sure there are no obstructions in your ceiling as you plan where your lights will be.

Steps: 1

Once you have settled on the location of your lights, remove the paper template from the recessed can packaging.  Trace the circle onto the ceiling in every location where you will be installing a light. 

Steps: 2

Steps: 3

Cut around your pencil lines using a hand-held drywall saw.  Don’t worry–this step is pretty easy and moves quickly!

Steps: 4

Pull the wires that your electrician ran through the hole and get one of your recessed light fixtures.  Remove the cover from the junction box on the light fixture.

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