How To Get The Fixer Upper Look

Over the past few months, we’ve shared ways to get the look of specific Fixer Upper homes. Today, we’re going to be talking more generally about the Fixer Upper style and what decor elements help give the vibe that is all so popular today!

Learn simple tips and tricks for getting the Fixer Upper style in your own home. Includes a shopping guide for home decor used in the show and other farmhouse elements!

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White & Wood

If you look closely at most of the spaces Joanna Gaines designs, you’ll see that two consistent elements are white paint and wood accents. You’ll typically see white walls (Benjamin Moore Simply White is our favorite warm white color!) and wood accents throughout. The wood comes in the form of hardwood floors, wood beams, or even mirror frames and furniture pieces throughout the home. Shop some of our favorite wood accent pieces reminiscent of Fixer Upper by clicking on any of the images below.

Statement Lighting

If you examine the spaces from any given Fixer Upper episode, chance are, you’ll notice some knock-out lighting! You’ll see repeated styles, including lots of black iron pendants, chandeliers with washed-out wood, and unique sconces. See below for some of Joanna’s favorite statement lights used throughout various episodes.


Because the Fixer Upper palettes tend to be rather neutral and muted, you’ll notice that the addition of organic elements such as greenery instantly bring the space to life! Never underestimate the power of fresh or faux greenery to really give your space an injection of energy and life!

Farmhouse Elements

You’ll find that most of the Fixer Upper spaces aren’t complete without the addition of some farmhouse character. This ranges from the shiplap on the walls, to the beams on the ceiling, to the little details scattered around the room. You’ll see lots of stripes in the form of rugs, throw pillows, napkins and other textiles. In many of the designs, you’ll also see some contrast in the form of black chairs, black lighting, or other small elements, to help add dimension to all of the white and neutrals.

Personal Touches

Most importantly, be sure to add personal touches to your space. At the heart of any Fixer Upper episode is the story of each family. Be sure to include items throughout your home that are important to you. This could be family photos, heirlooms, items from your travels or other sentimental reminders of the ones you love. Remember, this is your space and you want to add features that are welcoming and feel cozy – so that you truly can feel at home!

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