Our top 12 must-have tools! These are the best tools for DIY projects for beginners or DIYers looking to expand their skills and tool set to get through any project.

12 Best and Must-Have Tools for DIY Projects

1. Standard Level

A standard level shows you when your frame of choice is horizontal to the earth’s surface.

2. Tape Measure

Measures! There are quite a few different lengths that you can select from so make sure to choose one that will best fit your needs.

A speed square is used to make basic measurements and mark lines. The most common function is to mark square lines at 90 degrees from your board’s edge.

3. Speed Square

A hammer delivers a powerful blow to the object your hitting, and the rip claw (the opposite end of the head) can pull out unneeded nails. They can come with several different handles i.e; wood, fiberglass and metal.

4. Hammer

5. Quick Bar Clamps

 Clamps are used to tightly join and secure objects together with pressure from both sides.

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