If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen a few previews of this project, but I am here to finally show you the results of all the exciting work that has been going on in our bathroom… TA DA!!!

Let me lay the foundation a bit to explain why we chose to update this space.  We have one bathroom, yes apparently we live in a cave, but its cozy in here!  (at least it isn’t an outhouse!…. things could always be worse!)

 We started by removing the old vanity, which was actually in great shape and so we saved it for my sister’s house.

After we removed the vanity, we had to cut into the wall to change the plumbing.  I didn’t want to have to do any strange to my new vanity by cutting throughit to make the plumbing work, so we made all the plumbing changes in the wall.

Once the plumbing was done, we had to move the lighting to work with 2 sinks instead of one.  We decided to have ceiling mount lights as a change…

When we cut into the ceiling to add the new boxes, there was a plumbing pipe that ran right there, so we had to put the light on a medallion of sorts to bring down the electrical box.

We drywalled, sanded and painted.  The color of the walls is now Sherwin Williams Emerald line paint in High definition white, satin.  I felt like white was the best way to bring everything together in the space.

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