A River Runs Through It; Bathroom Redo: Guest

Summer and Bryan at Three Little Monkeys did the best job at transforming this bathroom, check it out:

 FINALLY!!! Remember when Bryan surprised me by taking a sledgehammer to the bathroom? Well, that was over a year ago, and now… I am pleased to reveal…Our. New. And improved. Bathroom!First, let’s see the bathtub BEFORE…

…aaaaand AFTER.

Before – Don’t you just love the clashy neon yellow blinds?


Window mistreatment inspired by The Nester. I love her. I made it from one regular window panel (on sale at Pier 1) that I pinned up with safety pins and then tied up with satin ribbon.Shower floor before…
  …and AFTER! (I LOVE the river rock floor! The smooth pebbles feel so good on your feet!)

Sink and mirror before… (are you ready for my favorite part?!)

…and (ta-daaah!) AFTER!The mirror is a medicine cabinet we found on Craigslist for pretty cheap. The frame was gold before we tackled it with a can of black spray paint.Before.AFTER!Vanity, sink, and floor before…(lovely.)

… and AFTER!

We also found the vanity/sink on Craigslist, painted it black, and added hardware. The paint color on the wall is Valspar Cliveden Sandstone.Can I just take this moment to say that my husband is THE MAN!!!

He worked SO HARD on this bathroom in all his “spare time.” I’m telling you, he’s got some SERIOUS SKILLS! How many husbands could completely demolish a bathroom down to the 2x4s (did I mention replacing the sub floor, moving the shower drain, and completely rebuilding the shower pan?!), then put it all back together AND make it look this good?! Mwwaaaah! I love you, Babe!
  Thanks also to our parents for all their help and advice! This remodel would have taken MUCH longer without you!
I am absolutely in love with this river rock stuff! It came on a mesh sheet, so it was pretty easy to install. I even enjoyed searching for the perfect rock when we had a missing piece here or there. It was like a little puzzle.Tulips from my front yard. They went a little crazy when I brought them indoors!
It’s a little sad that we have to move now that we have the bathroom exactly how we like it. Bet at least we get to enjoy it for a couple of months. It’s SO nice to finally have a proper shower again…

WOW!  I wouldn’t want to leave it either!
What do you think?
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  1. >I love the river rock!!! Great job on the remodel..what a difference.


  2. >I got a medicine cabinet/mirror just like your new one at my local thrift store… only $4.99 or so. I painted mine white but Im loving it black here too! Beautiful bathroom…LOVE it!

  3. >Wow the river rock looks amazing. I like the switch of tile too. Although those yellow blinds were HOT!