Armoire Makeover: Guest Party Highlight

Another great project!  I saw this and had to share.  I love the new moldings installed around the top of the armoire.

They did a great job with this piece here at the clever chic.  Very clever indeed!

The Amazing Armoire Makeover

I LOVE armoires!  I think they are pretty and interesting and offer great storage behind closed doors.  I picked up this armoire for FREE from a school that was closing. Originally I was going to use it for supplies for a preschool I was starting. But we moved and the whole preschool thing didn’t happen.  So I started using this as my craft cupboard.  It’s perfect to hold all of my projects and supplies. 
Well, the brown just wasn’t doing it for me, but I never got around to redoing it until now (a year after I first acquired the beaut).  It was suppose to be a quick, easy paint job.  But when is it ever easy?  The paint started chipping and I had to strip her down to the wood.  She had about four coats of various paint on her.  Can I just say that I HATE stripping paint?!  This whole process took way too long because I just didn’t want to do it.  I started with a spray paint stripper, but it didn’t do very much. So I picked up this awesome gel type paint stripper. 
It worked amazingly!  Plus, it smelled good (perfect since I was removing the paint from this thing inside the house).  Anyway, after lots of paint scraping and some sanding she was ready to be made over. Here she is primed.
 I added crown molding to the top.  She was just too plain jane to begin with.  Then I painted. 
And then I stenciled the doors.  After that I painted and wiped off a glaze over everything and finished with a coat of poly. 
 And finally, I added some bling in the form of hardware.  Phew!  Just typing it all makes me tired.
My husband is thrilled that I am done.  He’s not a fan of the mess I make with my projects (neither am I ).  I’m thrilled that it’s done because I was getting tired of working on it and it looks sooooo much better then it did.
Here is the before and after:
That’s what I call an extreme makeover!

What do you think of their transformation?

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  1. >This really is an amazing project. Love the finished result — the color, the stenciling on the front, and the added crown molding. Fabulous!

  2. >Cassity, thanks so much for featuring my armoire! I've been stalking your blog forever and am a huge fan.

  3. >i think it is AWESOME! i love the grey color they used and that white damask print is sooo lovely!!!

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  5. >That looks amazing!! Adding the stencil on the front was so unique and added just the right amount of pop! The crown moulding was definitely a good touch! Looks great!

  6. >Haha Wow!! thats awesome!. Ive been stripping the banister at my house with the same gel stripper and yes it works well but Oh my gosh WHAT A TASK! im exhausted!!! and only half done πŸ™ Darn people who paint over things time after time! hehe!
    Love your blog and think it looks Fantastic! nice Job!!

  7. >That is one heck of a transformation, and it talks about my hobby obsession – CitriStripper, oh man, I love that stuff! Great spotlight, thank you!

  8. It looks fab but I think it needs some type of feet or a boxy platform with cut out in the front to balance out the crown.