Kitchen Island Makeover With Corbels: Part Two


Here is where we left off with the kitchen island makeover.  It is looking pretty good, but we are about to add the final touch that makes it look  100% better.  We had ordered the corbels, but they hadn’t arrived yet when we finished the moldings.  But we did all we could up to that point.

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-31d

I did some research for the right corbel. The ones at the local hardware stores didn’t quite have what I was looking for. I looked online and found a great website for corbels called Prowood Market.  They are located in Atlanta Georgia.  It took about two weeks for us to get the corbels from the time of ordering.  Just keep that in mind if you are working with custom corbels.

This is the one that we went with, Wood Corbel 22T3.  It is red cedar with a smooth sanded finish at 3 1/2” wide.  I got it in a smooth finish because we were going to paint it.

Wooden_Corbel  Cedar_Plug_3-8in
cedar plug

Once I received them in the mail at my house, I had to do a little bit of prep work to get them ready to be installed.  I pre-drilled two holes on top and two on bottom to screw the corbels to the kitchen island.  The holes were about 3/8” wide to hide the screw head.  They also sell cedar plugs that we bought to cover the screw heads.  They were 3/8” plugs.

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-4 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-5
black board and batten kitchen island makeover-6 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-7
black board and batten kitchen island makeover-8 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-9

With this island’s shape, there are two 22.5 degree corners that are going to get a corbel.  in order to install the corbel I had to notch out the angles on the table saw, as you can see below.

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-10 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-12

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-13

Now that the corbels are cut and ready ready, we were able to install them.  Here we are testing them and making sure that they were going to board and batten kitchen island makeover-11

In addition to the screws, I wanted to use glue to give an additional hold.  I could have used liquid nails as well.  I just happened to have the wood glue available.  We did accidentally use a bit too much, cuz it dripped, and we had to watch for drips and wipe them off right away before they dried!  so watch out for drips!

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-14 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-15

Here are the 3/8”cedar plugs being glued in place.

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-16 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-17

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-18

Once all the plugs were in place and dried, I cut them flush with the multi-tool flush cut saw bit. ( I love my multi-tool!)  After they were all cut flush we patched them with wood filler and later they were sanded those when they dried.  Now they are ready for caulk and paint.

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-19 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-20

We had a really fun time running around at Nates’, and the girls loved it there.  I just had to throw in these pictures of Etta playing with their pet bird “Patches”.  It was fun to have Etta and Lydia there playing with his daughters while we were working on the kitchen island.  Like old times…

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-21 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-22
black board and batten kitchen island makeover-23 black board and batten kitchen island makeover-24

Remember how the kitchen island looked before we did anything?

1-black board and batten kitchen island makeover before-2

Here is the kitchen island makeover with everything finished.  A little bit different right?  Nate and his wife really loved how it turned out.   It looks so much more grand and is a great focal point for the room!  And the big bar now it makes a lot more sense that the corbels are there holding up the heavy granite.

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-1

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-25

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-33

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-34

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-36

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-37

 Don’t forget to check out the first half of this post!

What do you think of this amazing kitchen island makeover?  Do you like how it turned out?

black board and batten kitchen island makeover-40

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  1. says

    Cassity those corbels are perfectly suited for your island. I’ve been debating for 2 years now and you’ve given me the good ahead to take the plunge. I always thought they’d ‘be in the way of everyone’s knees’ but looking at yours it doesn’t seem to be an issue. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Nicole says

    This really looks fantastic! Your design has inspired me to try something similar with the end caps of my bottom cabinets.

  3. says

    This is amazing! Love the color, love the corbels and how they are notched to fit the angle. Very nice. I would have loved the X’s in the original sketch, too….

  4. Bree says

    I’ve been planning a kitchen remodel for a while now and have decided on white cabinets but I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to turn the island black. This definitely helped sway me to paint it black. It looks really great! I can’t wait to show this to my husband considering we’re big DIYers and he insists on practically building our whole new kitchen haha. Thanks for posting this remodel!

  5. Brianne says

    So I have to brag and admit that this island is OURS!! And it looks exactly like this (well, plus the mess of four kids most of the time!) Justin and Cassity did amazing work and it was so fun to have the island look like it “belonged” in the scheme of the house. It was such a letdown to buy a larger house, only to move in and really find out that they cut corners on so many things (like putting in a proper island, for instance!) The island really makes the kitchen and I can’t even tell you how many compliments we get on it!! Black was an amazing color choice for us. I can’t share enough how much we love, love, love (and one more “love” for good measure!) this addition to our kitchen! Amazing transformation, amazing couple. Thanks guys!

    (What we gonna remodel next? :)

  6. Gary says

    Enjoyed reading about this kitchen island transformation. I have one question. How was the corbel attached underneath the granite. I noticed screw holes were drilled but no details on how that was done. Would like to attempt a similar project.

  7. George says

    I would like to see a picture from the other side, I am debating on making an island with the angles you used, Im curious as to how the space is used from the other side?

    • says

      George, I don’t actually have images from the other side, since we helped our friends with this project in their home. But they have a sink in the center and a dishwasher in one third on the left hand side of the double sink, and i think just a regular base cabinet on the other third. Hope that helps.

  8. Melissa G says

    It looks fantastic! I love it! And good for them for going with the black! That can be scary!! Would love to see some great door knobs and drawer pulls on their cabinets and a great color on the wall to finish it all off! Great start though!!!

  9. len says

    I like the design. I notice my cabinets only use 1×1 for cabinet frames- how did you connect the stiles and the crossbars ? doesn’t seem like there is anything to nail it to.


    • says

      Len, the styles and rails were all nailed with a nail gun. If you don’t have a 2×4 to nail to, you have to nail more and at alternating angles. That will help hold the styles on tight. The caulking will also help hold in place.

  10. Gretchen says

    Great post! I have it bookmarked bc I plan on showing my contractor what I want done (sadly, we are rotten diy’ers in my house). My island is exactly the same shape as theirs and I’ve wondered what the best way would be to do the corbels. Now I know! I also love the woodwork. I was bummed to fun out I couldn’t get the finished look of my new cabinets on the back of the island, but what you’ve done here is perfect.

  11. Justine says

    Looks fantastic! I have been planning to paint our island black and add wainscoting but I hadn’t thought of the trim. It looks so finished. Now if I can ever get done with my stair project I can add this to our list. Thanks for posting your year in review, I love your work.

  12. Vicki says

    We copied your plans to some aspect and it led to an entire kitchen redo. Not replace, but redo. New appliances, had our cab’s, island and pantry door done by Nhance. Highly recommend if your dog likes to jump up or scratch at things.

    Nice job, and thank you for the idea.

  13. Rachel says

    This project is beautiful! We have been wanting to do something like this. My only question is did you paint the other side of the cabinets black as well or is the black board and batten just on the front and it’s just the natural finish below the sink area?

  14. Kim says

    We are in the process of building a new house…..our island is the same style as yours. I have been trying to decide how I wanted to do it and came across yours on pinterest. Needless to say my search is over….your island is beautiful!!!!!

  15. Daneille says

    Love this makeover! It is the primary inspiration I used for doing our peninsula (board & batten style). Additionally, thank you for posting where you bought the corbels from. They are exactly the style I wanted but I couldn’t find any like them anywhere!! :(

  16. Kelli R says

    Looks so good. Adds just the right amount of character. Now, I would paint the pantry door black also.

    Great job!

  17. John D says

    Couple questions…if I have 3cm granite for my bar overhang (no plywood underneath), would you just glue the top of the corbel to the bottom of the countertop – or can you screw it somehow? Also, is it better to install the MDF moulding on top of the beadboard, or would it be fine to install all the 5 1/2 and 3 1/2 MDF and then cut the beadboard to fit in between them? Thank you – your project turned out very nice.

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