Home Sweet Home on a Budget: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Good news, fellow penny pinchers!  Maximizing storage in your kitchen does not require an expensive addition or brand new cabinetry.  Instead, it can be achieved by taking a more creative approach to using your exixting space.  Check out these great DIY projects I’ve found that can help you get your kitchen gear stored away on the cheap.

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Budget Kitchen Storage Ideas

Classy Clutter pull out can cupboard

This genius storage solution for canned goods comes from Classy Clutter.  Talk about a great way to maximize that space between the fridge and the wall!

Domestically Speaking tilt out drawers

 Domestically Speaking shares a tutorial for turning false drawer fronts into useful tilt-out storage at The DIY Club.

Frugal Decor Mom

Frugal Decor Mom didn’t just find a way to easily find spices in her collection, she upcycled baby food jars, too!

CRAFT door organizer

Cement walls make it hard to hang things up, but an old door makes open storage a possibility at C.R.A.F.T.

Better Homes & Gardens cookie cutter storage

Cute idea from Better Homes & Gardens, especially for those times of year that you need to keep your cookie cutters close at hand.

Apartment Therapy magazine rack storage

At Apartment Therapy, vintage magazine racks keep cooking utensils within sight and reach.

Simply Seleta potted silverware

Speaking of keeping things within reach, this idea for countertop silverware storage at Simply Seleta frees up a whole lotta drawer real estate.

Better Homes & Gardens pan storage

Smart!  Place inexpensive tension rods in rows to keep bakeware upright, suggests Better Homes & Gardens.

Ikea hackers collage

Have a blank wall in your kitchen but worry about the hefty expense of adding cabinetry?  Here’s a creative solution from Ikea Hackers.

Young House Love corkboard cabinets

The folks at Young House Love found a way to corral kitchen papers by lining the inside of a cabinet with corkboard.

The Winthrop Chronicles

It doesn’t take much space or money to add storage.  Just check out this simple cabinet makeover at The Winthrop Chronicles.

Better Homes & Gardens freezer storage

Better Homes and Gardens shows that plastic storage containers and DIYed labels are an inexpensive way to maximize the storage capabilities of your freezer.

Chica and Jo plastic wrap organizer

When it comes to freeing up some drawer space, you can’t go wrong with this idea from Chica and Jo to help you use vertical space for plastic wraps and foils.

A Diamond in the Stuff burlap bins

Dressed-up cardboard boxes become pretty camoflage for hidden storage above the kitchen cabinets at A Diamond in the Stuff.

Create Celebrate Explore bar pantry

If you aren’t getting any use out of something in your kitchen, take a cue from Create Celebrate Explore and utilize it for extra storage, like this unused breakfast bar turned pantry.  

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Featured pictures from Better Homes & Gardens.

What do you think of these great budget kitchen storage ideas?

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