Home Tour: Lindsay and Drew’s Flip House

I love home tours, and I love makeovers.  So whenever I come across a home tour that includes before and after pictures, I’m in heaven!   Recently, I discovered a blogging pair that has completed some pretty amazing transformations of furniture and homes.  I’m delighted that they were willing to stop by today to share the makeover tour of a house that they successfully flipped, last year.

Lindsay & Drew before after collage

Since this young couple was trying to save a few bucks and be earth-friendly, too, a lot of the materials they used for the flip home (and other projects) were second hand or repurposed.  I love it when I see people blending old and new to create a warm, inviting space.  If you feel the same way, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy a few more home makeovers:

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Let’s take a look now at the incredible home makeover that our guest bloggers completed.

Before After Flip House Exterior @Remodelaholic

Amazing Flip Home Tour

Submitted by:  Lindsay & Drew

We’re Lindsay & Drew, a couple of DIYers who were lucky enough to find each other!

lindsay and drew

Last January, we were able to buy a foreclosed property.  Thanks to the interesting exterior paint job, we named the house Pinky.  Pinky had some quirks, that’s for sure.  Lindsay came up with a plan for updated design and decor, and Drew handled all the construction.  We were able to complete the redo in three months.  Pinky had a buyer just four days after we put it on the market!

Lindsay & Drew flip

We’re excited to show you how our hard work paid off in this home tour.  Hopefully our before pictures will give you hope…if this house could be transformed, any house can be!

Lindsay & Drew flip after

Love the blue on this door….

Lindsay & Drew front door

This house was full of “character”…. Oh boy!

 Lindsay & Drew before 2

Lindsay & Drew before 1

Look at all those fun colors! Well I said no fun! Just this calm grey…

Lindsay & Drew during 1

Lindsay & Drew during 2

Opened up the wall to make a large front room…

Lindsay & Drew sheet metal room

This room was an airplane room? Sheet metal walls airplane and cloud ceilings… Kind of neat…but no quite what we were going for!   Underneath the sheet metal was this pink…. Awesome!

Lindsay & Drew pink & yellow room

Lindsay & Drew pink carpet

And the after…

Lindsay & Drew master bath after 1

Large double vanity…. Just waiting for someone to find a giant basket and roll white towels in it, then place it in the middle of the his amd hers sinks.  I had so much fun finding the pieces for this bath. My favorite had to be the tile…

Lindsay & Drew master bath details Lindsay & Drew master bath shower

Love the white shower stalls, but wanted to try something besides subway. I had never seen anything like this tile, until I stumbled upon a very random tile store…Mosaic tile for under your feet compliment my large 12X24 brilliant white tile…

Lindsay & Drew shower tile

My pictures just cannot do it justice! It’s a real crowd pleaser I will tell you that!

Lindsay & Drew office before

The office before…

Lindsay & Drew office after

And after… We took the random French doors from around the house and placed them on either entrance of the office…

Lindsay & Drew staircase before

This is a staircase up to a playroom nook…. Painted in a Dr. Seuss mural… I told you… “character”.

Lindsay & Drew staircase after

And after…pretty big change, right?

Lindsay & Drew main room before

The main room before… Sadly the hot tub was removed…. We did discover another hot tub underneath it…. That one was removed as well… The sliding glass door was framed in for matching windows…

Lindsay & Drew chandelier before

The old chandelier….

LIndsay & Drew chandelier after

The new….plus all those windows!

Lindsay & Drew view from mudroom thru kitchen

Mudroom looking into the kitchen, after…

Lindsay & Drew backsplash after

Backsplashes are fun…. I love accents, but wanted to try a cascade feel… Love how it turned out…

Lindsay & Drew backsplash after2

These subway tiles are 2x3s instead of your standard 3x6s… Fun and simple…

Lindsay & Drew kitchen cabinets

Satin nickel hardware always looks nice.

Lindsay & Drew exterior details

The exterior made the house! Cedar shakes were a real win!

Thanks for letting us show off  “Pinky.”  Feel free to stop by our blog to check out our current projects.

Thanks for joining us today, Lindsay and Drew!  And congratulations on the successful sale of your home.   Here are a few fun before-and-afters you might have missed here at Remodelaholic.

Remodelaholic Link Collage

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    1. You both did an absolutely beautiful job. I love your kitchen and bathroom especially!! You chose great colors for the walls. So cheerful!! Outside is amazing. You should be so proud!!!

  1. I’m super curious, how much was the rehab? We are currently looking for our first house but with our small budget, and wanting a more personalized home, we will have to do a lot of remodeling. I just wanted to have a budget to compare to. It seems that pinky would be a type of house we could get to remodel. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Ashley! Lindsay and Drew were our guests, so if you’ll click over to their blog (linked at the top of the post) then I believe they have a budget breakdown there, or at least you can ask there and they can answer your question. Thanks!

  2. AMAZING!! And truly unbelievable how fast you accomplished this transformation. I love the kitchen and dining spaces and the fixtures there too. The light in the dining room changes the entire mood. Great job!

  3. AMAZING transformation! I just love what you did with the outside. I see some of these old homes and I have no idea what could possibly be done to help them look better, but you guys sure did! Definitely pinned to refer to. Why would anyone paint their home pink?! 🙂