Black Kitchen Cabinets! Guest Project Feature

When I saw the little image on my linky party of this kitchen, from Robyn at Whimages I knew I was going to need to feature it, because, well it is just plain BEAUTIFUL!    Not only that, but I love the staging or accessorizing in the cabinets is great… I am a dish fanatic after all.  So without further adieu, I am going to let Robyn tell you what they did.

I was really tired of our cabinet color. I really like natural wood finishes but we’ve had these natural oak long enough. It’s starting to look so orangey to me…and I love orange but not like this.  Anyway, we are going to prime them in a medium robin egg blue then paint them in an eggshell black. Then we’ll distress them some so you can see the robin egg blue through in the distressed spots. I say we when I mainly mean Matt, but you get the picture! LOL I think we are going to leave the doors off of the cabinet where our plates and glasses are and trim out the edges and just have them as open shelving. The island and the desk area are going to be primed in the blue and painted white and have the same distressing technique.

We found a really cool company with re-claimed wood for our island top and desk top. That’ll be so exciting! Don’t mind these really terrible photos of my wood. As soon as I got down to take the photos, the dogs thought I was down there to do something super-cool and special that definitely involved them, because according to their little boxer brain, EVERYTHING involves them! Anyway, the wood is super thick old white oak with some red oak mixed in.  There is more than enough to do the island and desktop! It came from a torn down log cabin in WV. We’ll either have it planed or we will sand it and the pieces get butted up against each other. We’re going to finish it in a natural Danish Oil and wax finish.

Matt used his handy saws-all and got rid of the middle strip in this large cabinet where we keep our plates and glasses and other often used stuff. These two cabinets are just going to be open shelving. Again this blue (Okeechobee Haze) is the primer and then we’ll be painting them black and distressing them so the blue peek a boo’s here and there 🙂 !

Here’s my hard working man putting these cool corbels up to support the shelves because they no longer have the middle support plus don’t they look so much cooler? The corbels and the shelves are also going to get primed too.  But I thought you might want an update. All of our plates and glasses are all over the counters right now so don’t mind the mess.

Here’s the island he worked on over the weekend. We originally had doors on both sides (which could have been convienent) but since we have stools there we never really used the second set. I’m LOVING how my honey has transformed the island! It’s going to look chunkier and just so much more fun! Now I’m debating if we should do it black like the rest of the cabinets or white (and distressed with the blue showing here and there).
We are going to repaint all of our brass knobs with a hammered aluminum finish spray paint. I’ve already tested it on my towel holder in the first photo at the left and it worked beautifully! That sure will save us oodles of cash. The kids are having a fit because all of our appliances are stainless except our fridge, which is still off-white. It’s a 17 year old Amana and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, THANK HEAVEN! This currently one income family wouldn’t be too happy if we had to get a new one! Well the kids would be happy but what do they know!

Don’t let these photos fool ya! It’s really not done but I couldn’t wait any longer (for now at least).   OH and BTW, I have more people find my blog from google searches of painted black cabinets than anything, so a lot of people must be thinking about black paint all over the world! :o)






Robyn, I am in love with your black kitchen cabients, and if I had more natural light in mine, I would be painting mine black too thanks to your inspiration! 

Your husband did a great job and I love the molding and corbels that were added in the open cabinets… those are the kind of details that really make a difference! 

What do you all think… 
Have we turned you over to the dark side yet?
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  1. >Cassity, THANKS so very much for featuring my kitchen. I'm glad you love it as much as I do! I thank God my husband is handy because the two of us are always coming up with something! ;0) Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! Now head on over for a GIVE AWAY!

  2. >How did you create and finish the reclaimed wood island top? I think it all looks great, and would love to hear how you did that part of it.

  3. >I love black cabinets! I think they are so hip. We also painted ours black, but the open cabinets they did are making me rethink our glass doors. Thanks for sharing!

  4. >It fabulous! I love the black cabinets and the color of the island is perfect. I think my favorite though, is the island countertop. Very creative! Lisa~

  5. >Thank you again everyone! Michellel, if you go to the link to the actual page on my blog, there on links on that post to the different ways we did the island top and the a semi-tuturial on the distressing technique. 😉 If you have any questions, just email me!

  6. >I painted my cabinets black last year and I love them! Unfortunately our dishwasher leaked recently and we have had to pull all the lower cabinets out. Since we have them out we are going to reconfigure the kitchen a bit. Also while we have them out I'm going to touch up the paint. My question for you is did you use flat black paint on yours and then put a sealer over them? Its hard to tell from the pictures if they have a shine to them or not. I'm also going to spruce up my doors I think, add the knobs that we haven't gotten around to doing. I will also finally get my new counter tops & flooring that I have been wanting. Seriously considering getting rid of all my upper cabinets and just going with a couple of more shelves and then will use 2 of my upper cabinets joined together as a tall pantry.

  7. >I am one of those people who found your blog after googling painted black cabinets. Funny. I am thinking of doing this. What I was going to do is pray paint the doors black, use regular paint on the cabinets, and then use a mushroom colored glaze over the black. But then I want color on my walls, so maybe I will do like you did and paint the wood a coordinating color to the wall color. You have given me lots to think about. THANKS!! for posting this.

  8. I love The Black Cabnets! We are moving in to a old house, but remodeling the kitchen and the bathrooms before we actually move in. I will be painting the cabnets Black, May I please ask you what the color you have on the walls? They are very pretty, not to yellow, and not to White. Our Kitchen has alot of Natural lighting also.

    Your Kitchen is beautiful!!


    1. Hey Dana, This is a guest post so I can’t give you the color name, but there should be a link to the original author at the top of the post… hop on over there, I am sure they would love to help you out! Good luck with your house!