Kicking Out Clutter; Master Bedroom Makeover!

Kicking Out Clutter; Master Bedroom Makeover!

Well Mostly.
One of our favorite places for my husband and myself to visit is the Beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington.  We keep talking about how much we’d love to retire there and soak in the beauty all around.
Print 131 
So the logical choice was to decorate our Master Bedroom as if we were on retreat at our favorite place.
Ms. Passion and I were nearly jumping out of our skins as we put some finishing touches on the room today.  So without further ado…
The Nightmare (Hoarding) Room Before…
Summer 533
And After…
Summer 1159

Are you shocked???  I’m still in awe that this is my home.  Gone is the sheet covering the window, the blah beige, the overwhelming feeling of OVERWHELMINGNESS!
Another nightmare view…
Summer 535
to This…
Summer 1166
Yes, I know some rules were broken… Where’s the dresser’s & typical Bedroom furniture?  We instead put up a section of the bookshelves that used to be in the family room.  This way we can save some of our favorite books, and have a room to go to get away from the house.  A place to treasure some of our treasures, and remember some of our amazing adventures to the islands.
Print 1
A place to read and relax, among other things.
And because I’m digging this so much here’s yet another view…
Summer 537
Simply Beautiful.   
Summer 1171
And while the room is mostly done, there are still some things that need touching up, like finishing the painting of the door trim.
Summer 1172 
I’m also keeping my eye out for some comfy chairs to replace the ones by the window.
Here’s the best part.  We are surrounded with items we love.  Things that mean something.
Summer 1134
Whether it’s pictures we’ve taken while visiting our favorite place…
Summer 1115
Or decorating with left-over material that I used to reupholster my husbands boat.   I had a lot of sewing homework.  Never sewed a bed skirt or valance before.  Tried to keep them tailored looking though.
reupholstered boat
We had to keep the cost to a bare minimum.  But using the left over boat fabric made the room even more special for my Prince.  He loved that boat.  Someday we’ll get another one, but until then he can go relax in our room. 
Not only did we tackle the Master Bedroom but we also nailed down the closet and Bathroom.
And the old (child-scribbled-on) dresser/wardrobe…
Summer 535
Well, my boys did a bang-up job of painting it.
Summer 1079
It’s new place is in our closet.
Summer 1168
The Before…
 Summer 539
I counted 44 boxes of memorabilia, pictures, Christmas ornaments, baby clothes etc.  44 boxes.
Summer 540
From foor to ceiling.
Summer 541
Now for the after.
Summer 1123
Notice the top shelf is totally empty.  I’m still dumbfounded.  Gone are around 6 bags of clothes.  
Some Christmas ornaments remain.  Not a lot.
Summer 1153
The boxes of memorabilia have found a new temporary home.  We plan on going through them when the house is done and scanning the pictures, tossing the extra’s.  It will take a long time.  So that will be future homework.
And the bathroom.  Here’s a peek.   I’ll show you the before and after pic’s next time.
Summer 1167 
Ms. Passion is amazing and with every step we take I’m feeling more hopeful and more empowered that I’ll be able to finally conquer the clutter (hoarding) demon once and for all.
The cost.  Although we kept it to a bare minimum and used as much as we could from around the house, the little details can still add up.
$124  for Paint  (Much of it can be used in other rooms which will make the other room’s re-do a lot cheaper than this one.
$117 for hardware (new dresser knobs, towel racks, hinges, electrical pipe for hanging curtains, curtain grommets, etc.
$77 bedding and towels for bathroom.
$35 thrifted items for decorations and material for backing the curtain and valance & pillows  (love thrifting sheets.)
$169 (I THINK) for totally replacing our broken French doors that lead into the bedroom.  This was something that Prince Erik tackled on the side.
$69 for Pictures and Frames
Total: $591
It was more than we were planning on spending, a lot more.  However, had we put the same room together with new furniture, well, the cost would have been in the thousands.  We used the furniture we had and took as much as we could from my fabric stash.  It was also our most distressed and neglected room (outside of the kitchen). And the cost covered Bedroom, Bathroom and Closet.  So three area’s.  The Bonus is that there is enough left over paint we can probably tackle the other upstairs bathroom for pennies.
So there you have it.  I’m still unbelievably motivated to keep going full steam ahead.  With the transformations we’ve seen so far, our home will be amazing when finished.  Even though the work is incredibly hard and time consuming – it’s so worth it.
I have a feeling that I’m going to be spending a lot of quiet time in my room from now on.  
As for the kids, they’re bouncing up and down, in anticipation of when their rooms will get transformed.                 

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