Deep in the Heart

of TEXAS! (clap, clap)
Justin and I had the pleasure of hanging out with my sister Tiffany and her family in San Antonio this weekend. It was a much needed break! And it was so fun to chase after my baby nieces (and a little bit scary- in an “am I really ready for this?!?*@! kind of way) and hang with my very grown up nephews.
Here is our million photo journal/blog!
We saw four of the local historic missions. Of the four, we (almost) crashed 2 weddings, it was Valentines! The missions were very interesting and beautiful. Justin did quick 5-10 minute sketches of each too.
San Jose Mission,
San Antonio, Texas

Justin’s first sketch

Hanging on for dear life, to my ever squirmy niece Alicia!
My GQ husband!
Smiley Sophia!

Did I mention how cute my nieces and nephews are?

Mission Espada
San Antonio, Texas

Albert, my brother in law, showing off a very fetching headdress!
Mission Conception
San Antonio, Texas

He is just so great!

4 months and starting to show, or just look fatter… Yea!
Leave it to the pregnant lady to bring snacks along.
This is such a good way to make friends with lovable chubby babies!
The boys just hangin‘ out Jarret, Chandler and Braxton!
The Alamo,
San Antonio, Texas

The River Walk
San Antonio, Texas
I would highly recommend the river walk to anyone who can make it to Texas! It was so beautiful. I could have been there all day and well into the night.
We also took one of the river tour, although we didn’t do it til it was dark, which just made it all more romantic! Too bad, Justin wasn’t feeling very well, he got food poisoning at the mall food court! It was a long sad night for my sweetheart!Cool glass sculpture.
A small series of stars, for all my friends,
You’re a STAR!
Love from, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas
We heard of a small German town, about an hour away in the hill country and headed over for the last day. It was such a fun street shopping experience. We had a great sausage, corned beef and sauerkraut lunch!
Did I mention that it was freezing? We checked the forecast and were told it would be in the 70’s, well it was raining and only 50 degrees. Sophia had a crazy blowout! Tiff had to make a quick run to Walmart for replacements (it happened, twice…..) But you can’t help but love those Baby BuddhaBellies!
The crazy hat isle was a hit!
Come visit us anytime!
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