Pieces of you Mosaic; Pottery Barn Inspired Art

I have whipped up a little pottery barn inspired art work tutorial for y’all.  As seen here:
See, while looking through my trusty catalog I saw this (below), and I loved the mosaic piece of art.  So, I set my trusty little mind to figuring out a way to make this for myself, and now you can too.
( like my scrawl on the picture?… that is how I remember random ideas that float around in my brain…)
Collect your supplies:
Paper cutter
Scrapbook paper 
(in the colors of your decor)
(for background, in color of your choice, I used black)
Paper glue
Modge Podge
Piece of wood or Art canvas
(mdf or osb something inexpensive!  Have this cut to your desired dimensions, 
both Home Depot and Lowes will cut 4 x 8 foot boards down, 
or they sell smaller 2′ x 4′ pieces usually on an endcap…, 
I wanted mine to fill a larger space, so I did mine at 3′ x 3′)

There you have it.  An easy work of art that can be custom made to match any decor.
Since featuring this project on Ucreate, I have had a great response and I wanted to show you one of the projects that was submitted to me.   Rose sent this, and she used 2 x 2 squares.  
It looks great, and I bet the larger size saved a lot of time!

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    1. Absolutely, but the one benefit of scrapbook paper in that the pieces are so much larger and you can get a lot more squares from one piece!

      1. This is beautiful! I was just wondering if you used scrapbooking cardstock, or regular scrapbook paper? Would using cardstock be okay?

  1. Darn!! I wish I’d seen this tutorial before I commissioned some art by a great local artist!! It would have saved me money and still added the colors I wanted to my dining room makeover! Oh well, I can still add it somewhere else in the house! I too have a 1998 builder grade home that I’ve been trying hard to make over! 🙂 Love your blog!!

  2. Love it! I have done something similar to this, only my squares were bigger… I like yours better! Also, I used a spray adhesive on the background, which significantly cut down my assembly time.

    1. Spray adhesive would be a great choice. The only issues I could see might be where the background showed through… but if you seal over it should be great!

  3. I love this site and I cant wait to make a mosaic piece of art for my living room. thanks for the inspiration.