Planning Built-In Bathroom Storage for a Small Bathroom

We are continuing on our home organizing quest. Next up on our list is our shared family bathroom. While we do have an ensuite bathroom for our master bedroom, this bathroom is the workhorse of our house. It functions as both our general family bathroom for our two grade-school girls and as the guest bathroom for anyone who is visiting. My girls are typical young kid untidy and the constant disorganization is starting to give me gray hair, so it’s high time we add some bathroom organization! There are so many space-saving bathroom storage ideas, so we created a vlog to show you what we have in mind and how we’re planning built-in bathroom storage for a small bathroom (and be sure to subscribe to our channel to see how it turns out when we finish the project!)




What do you think, would built-in storage between the studs like we’re planning work for you and your bathroom? And should we put the mirror over it as a kind of sliding door? (Which was MY idea first — the video is my witness!)

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We are big fans of using in-wall space to add storage and function without taking up valuable square footage when floor space is limited! And, psst, this kind of storage can be added pretty much anywhere: bathroom, kids room, craft room, and the kitchen. Anywhere you need some storage and have some space inside the wall.

Planning Built In Shelves For A Small Bathroom #remodelaholic

Our small bathroom already has a space-saving pocket door. It’s more intensive than installing a barn door. It’s also a much more convenient space-saver since it uses the space in the wall and doesn’t require the same kind of wall space as a rolling door with hardware. Plus, a pocket door provides more privacy than a barn door. That is especially important for a shared hall bathroom vs. an ensuite bathroom where the added privacy might not be as needed.

Get our tips and tutorial for installing a pocket door here.

Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms

If your bathroom needs some storage and organizing help like ours, check out these other space-saving ideas we’ve installed and featured:

Space Saving Bathroom Storage Ideas For Built In Shelves And More #remodelaholic

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7: DIY hair tool storage under the sink

plus 30 more bathroom storage ideas here


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  1. Cool visualization! What did you use to draw that sketch on your photo?

    (Yes of course the sliding mirror is a good idea, can’t wait to see it! – I can see you now at the hair product aisle in Walmart, measuring all the heights of the bottles.)