35 DIY Barn Doors + Rolling Door Hardware Ideas

 DIY Rolling Door Hardware

 There’s more than one way to hang, slide, or roll a door — in fact, we have more than 15 DIY versions here!

plus scroll down to see 23 options available to purchase for between $70 and $200!

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Lindsay from Girl Meets Carpenter used the wheel part of vintage meat hooks (discarding the actual hook part) — see more here on Remodelaholic.

sliding barn door for pantry using old meat hooks, Girl Meets Carpenter on @Remodelaholic

The folks at AKA Design really thought outside the box — on top of building this lovely door from upcycled wood (love the vertical metal accents!), they used broken scooter wheels to create the hardware!

upcycled barn door using broken scooter wheels for hanging hardware - AKA Design

Farm Fresh Vintage Finds spent only about $20 on this DIY rolling door, using clothesline pulleys and wood scraps

$20 rolling barn door hardware - Farm Fresh Vintage Finds

Lynn Knowlton used these gorgeous wood pulleys for her barn door — and then she found local Amish to make them for YOU! Details on her blog here. (And even after the cost of handmade wooden wheels, you can still outfit your barn door for about $100 or less.)inexpensive rolling barn door hardware, detailed tutorial - Lynne Knowlton

Lisa from My Not So Shabby Life hit up the hardware store and for about $45 used pulleys and deck hardware for this elegant-looking door hardware: $45 sliding barn door hardware tutorial - My Not So Shabby Life LisaW

And, over at The Lettered Cottage, one of Layla’s readers, Brier, shared this solution which uses a lowly sliding closet door rail — but it hardly looks like one once it’s painted and hung with the wood!

diy sliding barn door using a closet door track - via The Lettered Cottage


And then we enter the plumbing section of the hardware store — handy for shelving and curtain rods, and also for sliding door hardware! Use the pipes to make the rail which will save you a bundle, and then use a loop or hook (like an eye hook). A few examples:

Fig Milkshakes spent just $40 on the fittings for this setup:

DIY sliding door using plumbing hardware and casters - Fig Milkshakes

And Mandi over at Vintage Revivals (who was doing this before everyone else, because she’s always ahead of the curve like that!) used galvanized pipe for the same idea, different look.
build a simple two-tone sliding barn door - Vintage Revivals

A couple of J hooks worked for Cottage 4C to hang her doors — plus they’re easily removable should you need to pull the door down for some reason. salvaged door hung on a sliding barn hardware made from black pipe and J hooks - Cottage 4C


This tutorial over at Apartment Therapy uses a different style of hinged loop:

sliding barn door hardware - Apartment Therapy

Baby Rabies and her engineering husband came up with a DIY solution for a barn door track (and see how they built their doors here)diy barn door rolling hardware on a black barn door - Baby Rabies


Sweet Maple Blog used a similar approach, using flat stock metal for the hardware but leaving it galvanized for a different style:

diy rolling barn door hardware - Sweet Maple Blog

And since the long metal track can get pricey, you can do like A Little Bite of Everything did and use a similar pulley setup with two (or more) shorter horizontal flat tracks:

DIY flat track barn door hardware - A Little Bite of Everything



And… an honorable mention because it’s beautiful AND affordable even if it wasn’t sweat-of-your-brow DIY…

(because sometimes paying a little more money to save some time/energy is sooo worth it)

The Hunted Interior used a traditional interior door and an door hardware kit (about $150) from
Home Depot
35 DIY Barn Doors + Rolling Door Hardware Ideas
sliding barn door hung using $150 hardware store kit - The Hunted Interior


UPDATE: WOW! We found dozens of pre-made barn door hardware options — many under $100 and all 23 are under $200!

Both Amazon and Home Depot have a nice selection of rolling door hardware, in lots of different styles — be sure to look around and check weight and door height/thickness requirements to make sure you choose the right hardware for your door!

*Please note that online prices may fluctuate, but even if these prices change a bit, they’re still pretty budget-friendly!

UPDATE: We’ve also added our favorite rolling hardware options plus barn door handles and locks here in our Amazon shop.

Where to buy budget-friendly rolling door hardware for barn doors -- such a great list, everything under $200 and a bunch under $100! @Remodelaholic

1 – Steel European Style Barn Door Track Set

2 – American Country Style Rolling Door Hardware

3 – Black Sliding Door Hardware Set

4 – Sliding Door Hardware Track Set

5-Black Steel Rolling Door Hardware

6 – Bent Rail Sliding Door Hardware Set

7 – Stainless Steel Rolling Door Hardware

8 – Antique European Style Sliding Door Track

9 – Dark Antique Horseshoe Style Rolling Door Hardware

10 – Aero Top-Mount Modern Sliding Barn Door Kit

11 – Black Antique Style Sliding Door Hardware

12 – Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit

13 – Dark Coffee Steel Sliding Door Hardware

14 – Country Style Rolling Barn Door Kit

15 – European Horseshoe Style Rolling Barn Door Track

16 – NW Artisan Hardware Classic Black Sliding Door Hardware

17 – Belleza Stainless Steel Door Track Set

18 – Wedge Style Rolling Door Hardware Set

19 –DOUBLE (12 ft) Sliding Barn Door Hardware

20 – Modern Stainless Steel Rolling Barn Door Track

21 – Matte Black Bent Strap Rolling Door Hardware

22 – Everbilt Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze Sliding Door Hardware

23 – Everbilt Stainless Steel Rolling Barn Door Kit



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page 2: Double and Triple Barn Doors for Wide Openings
page 3: Rolling Door Hardware to Make Yourself

Budget-friendly and inexpensive methods for making your own rolling or sliding barn door hardware @Remodelaholic

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  1. I was drooling through this whole post. LOVE!!!! I really have no where for a sliding door, but I think I need to create a place because I love them!

  2. Love this and your ideas! We have a sliding glass door leading to a back porch and are planning to make barn doors instead of drapes in front of it, what would we need for hardware for one to slide behind the other?

  3. Cassity, I just have to tell you thank you! You came through for me again! From my very first project, the barn door baby gate ( which is still protecting my kitchen and wowing visitors), to my massive stair remodel; you continually inspire and encourage me. And. . . Thanks to you I just found the door style I will be hanging in my dining room! You all rock!

  4. Wonderful article! We are remodeling a little Charlestonian cottage and need to separate and long open room into two rooms. We want to add three 6′ high x 4′ wide sliding barn doors, yet need them to be on a ceiling mount system. And we need to drop them / keep a 12″ distance from the ceiling for added ventilation. Any ideas!?
    * I found only one ceiling mount system online, but costs more than a $1000 per door! More than we want to spend.

  5. I really like the idea of a barn door. I would like to make one for a screen door. I have a single open french door going into my backyard and it does not have a screen. Any ideas are helpful. Thanks.

  6. I have an existing door I’d like to take off and then use on the same door as a barn door. Is there a way to do this, or will the door just be too short? I love the existing door, just may be short if we hang it. Ideas?

  7. We are trying to build a large (10ft) screen barn door for our new screened in porch. The problem we see is how to completely bug-proof the door. Any suggestions?

  8. I am going to do barn doors on 3 rooms…thank you so much for these ideas!!!
    I could not afford the $300-500 For just one set of hardware. When using the pipe and hooks do you need to lubricate it to help it move smoothly?

    1. I haven’t used that technique personally, but I imagine a little lubrication would be helpful. You could ask Jaime over at That’s My Letter (included here in the roundup), she’s wonderful and I bet she could give you some more info.

  9. Do you have any barn door that moves into the actual spot where the door was, meaning;

    When the door slides into place, do you have some kind of way to slide or push the door into its original spot to lock it?

    1. Hi Larry,
      I haven’t seen doors like what you’re describing, but if you find some or build some, we’d love to see!

  10. thank you… Thank You… THANK YOU!!!

    I’ve been seeking affordable hardware and cabinet scale hardware for months!

  11. Great DIY tutorial, Thank you so much for sharing with us. Looking for more DIY guide from you. Keep up the great work.