Concession Stand Pillow Idea; Movie Room Decor

I liked this pillow idea from Sassy Sanctuary and thought I would give them a shout out.  Check out how she was inspired to make some great pillows for her theater/ movie room!

So the other day I was browsing through a Ballard Designs catalog and came across a bunch of really cute theater room stuff.  The funny thing is I had seen this same spread previously and  didn’t look twice, but this time something caught my eye.  Actually, it was two things…

I loved the ticket plaque and the movie inspired pillows and thought I’d combine the two ideas.  I ended up with this.

Isn’t he the cutest?!?! (Yes, its a he and no, I have no clue why.)  But he was a little lonely down there so I made him these to keep him company.

They are pretty dang cute too, don’t ya think?!?

I used about a yard of canvas I got at the fabric store, but this would be a great application for drop cloth.  I found the images I liked online (all through google images) and printed them up on my computer.  I hung them in the window so I could trace them onto freezer paper, used a exacto knife to cute out the stencil, ironed it on and used fabric paint to paint on the image. I used a mix of both brown and black paint to give it a little more depth.  Once the paint is dry you simply pill off the freezer paper and sew your pillow.

If you want more information on freezer paper stenciling, go visit Cheri at I am Momma, Hear me Roar. (Awesome blog by the way, be prepared to stay awhile) She has a video tutorial that will explain everything you need to know way better then I ever could.

While I still have some things I want to do downstairs…

Looks like it is going to be a GREAT space to hang with the family.  I think those pillows are fun, what do you all think!
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  1. >Thank you SO much for the feature! I'm so flattered! I love your blog and am a religious reader. You are awesome!
    Thanks again!
    Krystal @ Sassy Sanctuary

  2. >Those turned out so great!! I have been seeing so many movie accessories lately and I love them! Your pillows are perfect and your room is amazing! Have fun filling the spaces!

  3. >Thank you for sharing! I just started making our back living area into a media room. I wanted a nice romantic place for my hubby and I to enjoy our " shows " every night. He and I look forward to watching fall tv and had talked about doing so in our bedroom but I really wanted to keep the tv out of our bedroom. So, we decided to make the back living room, that's litterally right outside our bedroom as the media room. Perfect too because its right off the kitchen. Bonus, is that its on the opposite side of the house from the boys' rooms so we can watch with out having to worry about it waking anyone up. Oops, sorry I am rambling. I just wanted to say thank you because I was looking for fun accessories and away to add a pop of yellow because the room is teal. This is a perfectly inexpensive way to do just that. Thanks again for taking the time to post. You're pretty awesome!

  4. I have looked everywhere for the images you used. Can you please tell me where to find them. Love the way they look!