Easy St. Patrick’s Day No Sew Holiday Shirt

I love this idea no sew holiday shirt because it can be used for any occasion. It is really simple to create a custom shirt for your little one…or for yourself. The materials are inexpensive…and you are only limited by your creativity 🙂 I used to make these all the time when my twins were little…it is fun to get them involved with the process too. You could trace their hand print…or maybe cut out their initials…so many fun ideas.

St. Patrick's Day No Sew Holiday Shirt


For this St. Patty’s day inspired shirt I chose to keep it simple and just do polka dots. Sweet for boys and girls 😉 You will need:

  • High Temp Heat bond (sold at fabric/craft stores) look for No Sew.
  • Fabric of your choice (washed without fabric softener)
  • Scissors
  • Clean t shirt
  • Iron

St. Patrick's Day No Sew Holiday Shirt

Be sure to wash and dry the t-shirt and the fabric. You don’t want to use a softener because the heatable glue will not adhere to the shirt correctly.

Iron the t shirt and the fabric so it is smooth. Turn iron setting to a medium heat. Place the fabric wrong side up on your ironing board. Place the heat bond (glue side down) on top of fabric. Gently go over the heat bond with your iron. You are just trying to adhere the glue to the wrong side of the fabric. Keep iron moving gently (about 12 seconds).

Let fabric cool. Cut out your shapes with sharp scissors. Peel the heat bond paper backing off. You will be left with a “shiny” glue surface that will adhere to the t-shirt.

Place fabric circles on t shirt. Iron on med-high heat until the glue is set (about 10 seconds). Let cool. When you go to wash the shirt (wait 6 days before washing)…turn inside out and use cold water. The edges may fray a bit…but it adds to the charm 😉

St. Patrick's Day No Sew Holiday Shirt

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Don’t you love Tracie’s Ne Sew Holiday Shirt.  This really is a great idea that could be sued for any holiday!  I can’t wait to try it with my kiddos!

No Sew St. Patrick's Day Shirt DIY Via Remodelaholic.com

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