Diamond in the Rough

We bought an old sewing machine table at Salvation army a few years ago.  I really liked the size and shape, but haven’t taken the time to spiff it up. 

A few days ago, while I was day dreaming about being able to afford all new furniture, I realized, who needs that when you have a can of spray paint and a napping baby! 

It took just a day.  I sanded off the top, and a quick once over on the base.  I taped the top off, and spray painted the base.  I did 3 or 4 coats.  To make sure it was all smooth and did a quick sand between coats (this really makes the finish look so much better, I promise, it is worth it)  For the top I used Watco, staining wax finish that I had from some old nightstand that I built in wood shop class in college.  

Now,  I am just kicking myself for how long a waited to do this.  I could have been happier a long time ago!

You likey? 
Tell me about your impressions, on the table,
the economy,
 you know I love comments!

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  1. >I have my second sewing table sitting in my garage to get painted when I get the chance. I found my first one at DI years ago and painstakingly refinished it. But it is one of my favorite pieces! I really like the two-toned look you made. Very nice!

  2. >i LOVE it!!!! and it goes perfectly w/ the "new" chair! we found a similar table a long time ago and gave it to my sister, who has never done anything w/ it – i just might have to take it back!

  3. >i love it! I have four chairs that I plan on recovering but I am terrified to paint over the beautiful wood. I know I have to in order for it to match our kitchen table or maybe it would be better to get a new kitchen table…hmmm.

    But I love what you did with the sewing table, it's beautiful!

  4. >Looks great! That's awesome that you were featured on better after. Looks like a cool blog. I'll have to check it out!

  5. >I have the same sewing table here. I use it for my plants. Do you want to refinish mine? Just kidding. Thanks for the wonderful idea. You did a fabulous job!

  6. >I love it! I am such a huge fan of spray paint. I really want to paint my sleigh bed black but people keep talking me out of it. I will get the guts some day…

  7. >I love projects like this!! It's great to have beautiful things at low prices.

    And thanks for the tip on sanding inbetween coats…never would have done that, but now I know to.

    I learn so much from all your projects.