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Hey all you fab Remodelaholic fans!
Michelle Hinckley here from again here to share with you a project I’m super excited about!

On a recent thrift store shopping trip I picked up this bamboo cutting board.


Usually you can foresee what I’m about to do when I re-purpose something but I’ll bet money you’ll never guess where I’m going with this one.


Oh yeah. I gave it away in the title.
Oh well, stick with me.

The board was in brand new condition but I wanted to give it a little more visual interest than leaving it in its original state.  First I gave it a really quick once-over with sand paper to rough it up a bit.  Next, I picked up a small can of gloss white oil-based paint.


I like oil because it’s really durable plus the sheen is so much better than water based paint (in my opinion).  I normally always use a paint brush with oil paint but I decided to see how it look with rolling.


Bad idea.  Didn’t like it at all.  Oil paint can be forgiving and will often times self level itself but I didn’t like the look and feel of the texture that the roller was giving.  Plus, oil paint is super sticky and the roller fuzzies stuck to the paint.  So I let it dry, sanded out the fuzzies and started over.


This time I used a paint brush.  I don’t normally like brush lines but for this project I wanted it to look perfectly imperfect.  Make sense? I didn’t want everything to be smooth and pristine but a little weathered instead.


I stood it up instead of laying it flat because I was in a hurry and painted both sides.  When I came back 15 min later the paint was dripping right down the board.  Oil is tricky.  You can to apply it kind of thick but too think and you’ll get drips.  The good news is that oil takes much longer to dry than water based paint so I was able to just brush out the drips.  Don’t mess with it too much.  Like I mentioned before, depending on the brand it will pretty well self-level.


I found these small little casters at Home Depot.  My plan was to give them some hot glue to secure them down then use four screws to attach the casters.


The glue worked so well and I also I wasn’t going to putting anything really heavy on it so  I scrapped the screws and called it good.

Finished result:


 I used to have all my magazines on the bottom floor of our living room shelves.  It was tricky to pull out the entire stack of magazines when I needed to access just one. Now they sit on top of their own functional skate board magazine trolley.  Plus it’s just fun to look at.


I could have just used a piece of wood but this cutting board was the perfect dimensions and had a handle already cut.  Thanks thrift store!


Happy magazine rolling!

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  1. I use a tighter nap roller but if that’s all I have to use is the fuzzy one I wrap it with tape to take off the fuzzier.

  2. Fabulous idea. 🙂 I’m in the UK and love gloss paint, over here we have smooth foam mini rollers for glossing – no fluff etc. I use them for stuff all the time (9 rentals to maintain!). Can you get them over the water? x

  3. I am in love with the little castors. I attached them to several little “vintage” boxes and use them to store and move all kinds of things. They work well for toy storage and such. For heavy duty usage, I would use small stainless screws. You can also wire them to the vintage wire baskets that are popular right now…just use floral wire and use the holes in the castors to “weave” wire in the little holes…works marvelous! For BIG containers, you can buy bigger castors! Makes moving things around a breeze!