25 Things You Can Make With Cereal Boxes

Instead of tossing your cereal boxes into the trash, why not turn them into useful items? Here are 25 clever ideas of what you can make with cereal boxes! via @tipsaholic #cereal #cerealboxes #recycle #boxes #cardboard #diy #upcycle

25 Things You Can Make With Cereal Boxes title
Do you and your family eat a lot of cereal for breakfast? If so, you might go through a lot of cereal boxes. Instead of chucking them into the recycling bin, why not upcycle them into something useful, beautiful, or just plain cool? Here are 25 clever ideas of what you can make with cereal boxes!

1. School Folder

This is an easy cereal box craft that you or your kids can make for school or organizing their homework. You could leave the design on the cereal box alone to show off your favorite cereal or cover it with pretty paper.

2. Magnetic Paper Bin

Overwhelmed with paper cluttering up your kitchen counter? Make this magnetic paper bin to stick on your refrigerator and load it up with letters, forms, bills, and any other paper you’ve got laying around.

3. Cupcake Holder

Bringing a dozen cupcakes to an event but don’t know how to lug them all? Make this cupcake holder from a cereal box and revel in your cleverness.

4. Marker Organizer

Make this nifty marker organizer with a cereal box, a couple of toilet paper rolls, and duct tape. Use a colorful duct tape to jazz up your marker organizer, like this one.

5. 3-D Cardboard Stars

These cute little 3-D stars are pretty fun and you could use them in a multitude of ways. Paint them in patriotic colors for the 4th of July or cover them with white glitter and add them to your Christmas tree. If you live in Texas, these stars could easily fit in your decor year-round!

6. Desk Organizer

Organize the mess on your desk with this desk organizer made with cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, a wood plaque, Mod Podge, and lots of scrapbook paper.

7. Drawer Organizers

Sure, you could always buy a couple of drawer organizers at the nearest store, but when you make your own from cereal boxes, you can customize them to fit your drawers perfectly.

8. Gift Bags

Tired of buying a new gift bag every time you go to a birthday party? Make your own gift bags from cereal boxes, ribbons, and wrapping paper!

9. Kitchen Organizer

Do you keep rolls of foil and cling wrap in a drawer? They can take up so much space and generally become nuisances when you need to use them. Make this kitchen organizer and hang it inside a kitchen cabinet to hold your rolls, problem solved.

10. Storage Bins

Storage bins are so useful for organizing small items on a shelf, but the costs can add up when you buy them. Why not make your own storage bins from cereal boxes instead?

11. Journal

Your kids will love these cute journals made from cereal boxes for school projects and impromptu drawing sessions. Help them make and decorate their own journal with their favorite cereal box!

12. Stationary Organizer

Deal with mail clutter by making this stationary organizer made of cereal boxes and decorate it with pretty scrapbook paper.

13. Fabric Bookmarks

If you’ve got scraps of fabric laying around and you know your way around a sewing machine, you can make these adorable fabric bookmarks.

14. Mini Pinata

A birthday party isn’t a real party unless there’s a pinata, even a mini one. Make one or several for your next birthday party with cereal boxes!

15. Twine Basket

These twine baskets look store-bought, but they’re actually made out of cereal boxes! They would look great in a bathroom or a laundry room.

16. Notepads

Make these fun little notepads with cereal boxes, index cards, and Mod Podge. Again, you could cover them with paint or decorative paper if you’d like.

17. Paper Organizer

Here’s another way to organize all of your paperwork! Create this paper organizer with as many dividers as you need. Put it all together with duct tape or scrapbook paper.

18. Sunburst Mirror

Yes, you can actually make a sunburst mirror with cereal boxes! Crazy, I know, but this DIY actually looks great and can be easily painted in any color you want.

19. File Folder Box

Get your filing under control by making a couple of file folder boxes for your important documents. These are much cuter than a metal filing cabinet!

20. Candle Holders

This is another clever way to reuse your cereal boxes for decorating purposes. Make a couple of candle holders and have fun painting them in any way you’d like. These candle holders are painted to look like lighthouses, how fun!

21. Cardboard Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are great for telling stories with little kids and encouraging them to tell their own stories. Make finger puppets with cereal boxes and create your own characters.

22. Chalkboard Labels

Grab a couple bottles of chalkboard paint at your nearest craft store and make chalkboard labels for all of your organizing needs. The best part: you’ll be done within 10 minutes.

23. Alphabet Lacing Cards

Have a little one who’s learning the alphabet? Make these alphabet lacing cards and watch your preschooler learn and play at the same time. These would be great for road trips or keeping kids busy at a restaurant.

24. Shipping Envelope

Shipping envelopes cost money; why buy one when you can make one yourself for free with cereal boxes? All you need other than cereal boxes are shipping tape and scissors.

25. Lanterns

This is another clever way to upcycle your cereal boxes! Lanterns that you can actually put a candle in. A battery operated candle, of course, but still!

It’s amazing to see just how many different ways there are to reuse your empty cereal boxes. Let’s all do our part to preserve the environment and seek for new ways to reuse what we already have instead of always buying new things.

Still want more ideas of what to create with cereal boxes? Try making paper mache alphabet letters or family photo puzzles

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  1. Ooooh! I love the things made from a cereal box like a pinata and a gift bag. That is so creative and something that I always seem to have on hand. Thank you for sharing!!!