A Diamond is Forever, these just look like it! Kids Craft

These are the coolest! Like Totally! Sorry the valley girl in me just slipped out…
Anyway, I saw this idea on The Cupcake Cuppy,
she saw it somewhere else, thus is the blog hopping world.
I realized I had to try this one out, and the possibilities are endless.  I am in love with this craft!  It was a little messy and took a while, and I still haven’t cleaned out the crystals from my pan yet so… Oh well.
Crystal Hearts
Borax (3T per cup of water)
Pipe cleaners- Any color you want
Pencil or dowel etc.
Food coloring optional,- but this didn’t really work for me, I may not have put enough?!
Like I was saying the possibilities are endless, and my Christmas bone is itching to use this idea,
but we still have about 318 days til that is even a possibility!
AS for the kiddos helping, they really could make any shapes they wanted.  Also I think this is a fun science project for kids, but you will have to look up why this happens… sorry bout that, I am too busy crafting!  And if I explained it to Etta, I am sure she wouldn’t care at this point.
You likey?

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  1. Love your recipe!. I just took out the ones we made last year and they look great! We are getting ready to make some more. I like to make hearts and stick them on the tree and then use them again for val day.