Chocolate Pocket; Chocolate Croissants

Have you ever had a really good Chocolate Croissant?
I really hope so, it is something, worth having.
 (tangent- For those of you Logan dwellers, go to Crumb Brothers,
get one and think of me wishing I could have one with you!)
Anyway, in college I was in charge of food for our Senior Exhibit.  And I kind if made my own little easy as a wink, never fails to impress version. It is super simple, and only requires putting together, no actual making.
One package Puff Pastry
1/2 bag semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
1-2 beaten eggs
Non-stick spray
Powdered Sugar
** At step 7 you can store in freezer for a few days before without baking, just let them thaw before baking.
Now, try not to eat them all at once!
This is part one… I have more ideas to come, if I finish in time!! but I am not quite done.
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  1. >mouthwatering! am drooling on my keyboard, here. and so simple.
    By the way – your new instructions format is really sleek, easy on the eye and nice!

  2. >I remember these when you made them in Asheville. Yum. The kids and I enjoy making the red hot chocolate bark, but I will definitely have to revisit this recipe.

  3. >Oh how I'm missing the French bakery we used to go to Saturday mornings in St. Maarten while the hubby was in med school. The chocolate croissants (phonetically pan-o-chocolat in French) were my FAVE! I've never tried making any myself but it looks like I can try out this version. I'll see how it goes over with the hubby. Hmmmm, chocolate and sugar, how could it go wrong? He He He

  4. >I made these tonight and although they didn't turn out nearly as pretty as yours (mine seemed much smaller), they were delicious! My new fave! Thank you for all the time you put into providing instructions and pictures. It is very easy to read and follow. I'm sure it takes a ton of time, but it is so appreciated. I made your stuffed peppers too, about a week ago. Yum! You're the best!

  5. >I made these today for the family today for the Super Bowl. Let me tell you, they were gone faster than it took to make them! They were totally delish!!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. I will definitely make these again. I totally love your blog too. =)