DIY Yard Dice Tutorial

Make your own fun and memories this summer with a set of DIY yard dice to use for dozens of outdoor games for family and kids! Use inexpensive 4x4s or even scraps for a cheap weekend project or gift idea.

Hey everyone! It’s Jamison from Rogue Engineer again. This time I wanted to share a super cool yet very easy DIY project that the whole family can enjoy. Every year we go on a beach vacation with a bunch of our family. We often find ourselves out side playing yard games and enjoying the pool or beach. Well this year my wife, Jamie, saw these awesome yard dice online but they were selling for $50! We had some scrap 4×4 and she made them in no time. Below I’ll show you exactly how she made them! Oh and you can find a list of yard dice games here.

DIY Yard Dice Tutorial

DIY Yard Dice Tutorial -- this is so simple, but so fun! Play lots of different games, for all ages. And I have scraps that can make this a free project!

How to make your own DIY Yard Dice

Start by marking your 4×4 at 3-1/2″.

DIY Yard Dice - Measuring

Then cut six 3-1/2″ pieces of 4×4.

DIY Yard Dice - Cutting

Since a 4×4 is actually 3-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ you will have a perfect cube.

DIY Yard Dice - Cut

The next step is to sand the cube smooth on each side and round the corners.

DIY Yard Dice - Sanding

Sand to a smooth finish as shown below.

DIY Yard Dice - Sanded

Next, find a dice or photo of a dice and mark where your dots should go on each side.

DIY Yard Dice - Marking

Then, using a 5/8″ forstner bit, drill a shallow hole, about 1/8″-1/4″ at each point.

DIY Yard Dice - Drilling

DIY Yard Dice - Drilled

To finish, stain the cube as desired. Jamie used American Walnut stain from Varathane.

DIY Yard Dice - Staining

After the stain has time to dry, paint the dots with a dark paint. We used charcoal chalk paint.

DIY Yard Dice - Painting

DIY Yard Dice - Painting

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. For sneak peeks of our upcoming projects from Rogue Engineer be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. Great plans for fun stuff, I plan to make all of them, keep them coming.
    Ron Gordon
    Modesto, Ca. 95355

  2. I have checked a couple of stores in my area and cannot find non pressure treated 4x4s could you recommend anywhere? Thanks

    1. Hi!

      I want the dots to look like the kind on dice. Like a low bowl not a flat bottom.

      Is there a drill bit to accomplish this? If so, what do I ask for and what do I need?

      Thanks, Julie

      1. Julie, here is an affiliate link of exactly what you are looking for. You could try putting this in a drill or a drill press. If it were me I would use a drill press and drill slow if you are using pine 4×4’s. Let me know how it turns out. The trick will be keeping it steady while drilling.

  3. I’ve been wanting to make this for my brother for his birthday. I happened to get some 4×4’s already cut to a square at a store that’s going out of business, now I just have to make them into dice 🙂

    1. If you use treated wood make sure you a sealer or paint the wood. Use a face mask when you cut the wood. The treatment chemicals are nasty and dangerous.