Dress your Door; Guest Project Tutorial

This project was linked to last weeks party from Growing Your Grass Greener.  I thought it was quite the cute wreath and a fun project for a movie night, (after all New Moon just came out on DVD…)

I have been trying to come up with a creative wreath idea that I could use for Easter and keep it up all spring.  I came across this idea on HGTV.com but in a Christmas version.  This wreath is so versatile it could be adapted with any season and any colors.  I am not going to lie it took some time.  But it was worth every minute for such a unique looking wreath.
Supplies needed: 
a styrofoam wreath (I got mine from the Dollar Tree),  
ribbons ( I chose 4 colors but you can use what you like.)
First thing to do is cut the ribbon in 2 inch strips.
 The size is dependent on the size of your wreath for large wreaths try 3 inch strips.
So Sorry for the blurry picture:(  I rolled the ribbon up and pinned them in place.
As you can see they were placed in no order just random.
Once completed I hung the wreath with left over ribbon and just pinned it in place.
Here is the finished product doesn’t it just make you smile:)  
The colors and softness of the ribbon is so fresh and springy!!
And, my door is no longer naked!

I totally love this, 
and I have so much random ribbon I could get rid of doing this….! Or just all silver ribbon, we shall see.

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