How To Exercise With Kids

Looking for some ways to help your kids get more fit?  It doesn’t have to be difficult!  There are many different workouts you can try with your kids – and if you do them right they’ll feel more like playing than exercising!  

Ready to get moving with your little ones?  Read below for our recommendations on different types of cardio/aerobic exercise and how to engage your kids!

Fun Ways to Exercise with Kids

Interactive Video Games – While video games certainly aren’t a substitute for the real deal, they can be extremely helpful in cold winter months, or long rainy days.  They can also be appealing to all sorts of people, and a great gentle introduction to more vigorous and active “real-world” workouts.

Nickelodeon Fit (for wii) – Kids can engage in over 30 different activities – such as jump roping, river rafting, running and biking – with their favorite Nick Jr. characters.  Dora, Diego, Kai-lan and the Backyardigans and others make appearances.  Parents can program full routines and track progress.

We Cheer (for wii) – Your child can create and customize their own cheerleading character, then engage in competitive cheer routines with friends or learn and practice moves on their own.  It’s addictive and engaging gameplay that kids will love as they dance and move to teen pop sensations.

Outdoor Challenge (for wii) – You can really get your heart pumping with over a dozen fast-paced games that can be played alone or with up to four players.  You can log-jump, kayak, dance, ride mine carts, and much more!  There are multiple levels of play from beginner to advanced so all ages can play appropriately and it’s fun for the whole family!

Brain and Body Connection (for Kinect) – Exercise your body and brain at the same time with this fun game for up to four players.  20 different games challenge players to think fast and act faster as they focus on reflex, math, logic, memory and physical activities.  You can train on your own or compete against your family!

Your Shape Fitness Evolved (for Kinect) – It’s geared more toward teens and older kids, but you can construct a workout tailored to your fitness level and there are over 90 hours worth of different fitness options, making it family-friendly in practice.  There’s boot camp, cardio boxing, jump rope, yoga, running, floor exercises, sports-centered prep, muscle-toning and lots of different types of dancing among many, many other exercising options.  You can track progress, set preferences and record goals.

Dancing – Dancing in any version is highly appealing to kids.  They love to move their bodies to music and anything with kinesthetics is a great way to grab their attention.  Dancing with your kids can get their bodies working in a super healthy way.  Their are interactive video games to help, or DVD’s and free YouTube videos.  But the best thing about dancing is that there doesn’t necessarily need to be any routine, rules or choreography to be fun AND healthy!  Just put on some exciting music and get moving!

Just Dance Kids (Wii version) – There are over 30 songs and dances led by real kids for a fun and entertaining dance workout!  The lyrics appear on the screen so kids can sing along as they dance.  They learn specific moves to the songs and can create their own playlists for continuous activity.  Kids can dance alone or with up to 3 friends with cooperative play.  There are also a number of different versions of this game that include Disney songs, and different years and genres of music.   This is also available for the Kinect.

Dance On Broadway (Wii version) – This is an awesome family-friendly game that incorporates singing and dancing.  You learn choreography and sing along to your favorite broadway tunes.  With up to 4 players, you can challenge each other to see who’s the top performer!  There are tons of musicals included, with a ton of different songs that will appeal to all ages.  It’s a workout in disguise! This is also available for Playstation 3.

Dance X (DVD) – This fun and easy dance video will give little ones a workout without them even realizing it!  They are guided through 25 minutes of fun cardio centered moves while watching a trainer and five kids of different ages and skill levels energetically perform.  Kids will automatically fall into a skill level represented by one of the 5 performers.  They use music kids will love, including Hand Jive, Disco Rolls and the Monkey.

Fit Kids Club (DVD) – You get two different move and groove type workouts on this DVD – Groove It Out and Cool Moves.  They’re designed specifically for kids and the movements are simple and easily duplicated while remaining full of fun.  Kids will love learning how to dance, plus they’ll get the added bonus of healthy, kid-friendly snack ideas and a wall poster where they can track their workouts.

“Forget You” – CeeLo (YouTube, Kids Dance Workout Video with Benjamin Allen) – This is a fun choreographed workout to the popular song “Forget You.” It’s a simple choreography geared to kids that they can pick up easily.  Plus, it’s a free YouTube video!

I’m A Gummy Bear Song – (YouTube Vid of Just Dance 2) – Several favorite Just Dance 2 segments are free on YouTube videos, which is just the case with this Gummy Bear Song.  Kids love the catchy tune and the fun and simple dance moves that will help them get up off the couch.  Enjoy Just Dance flavor for free, without keeping score.

Circle Jump Dance Game (YouTube) – This video tutorial teaches you how to play the Circle Jump Dance Game with your kids and their friends.  The game has very few rules and allows every child the chance to be the leader – making up fun moves and routines for everyone else to follow.  While kids think they’re just playing a fun game with friends, they’ll be getting some much needed cardio!

Zumba – Zumba is an action-packed, high-energy, dance-focused cardio workout that kids will absolutely love.  Kids love to move and groove to music and because zumba is dance-based, they’ll love adding tons of great moves to their repertoire.  Additionally, they can learn the basics to several types of international dance styles.  So not only will they learn, grow, have fun, and be silly, they’ll also get their heart racing.

Zumba Kids (wii game) – This game features easy to follow choreography for over 30 routines that your kids will love.  They use music by popular artists like Will Smith and Justin Bieber along with some classic, high-energy tunes like “Wipeout”.  The routines offer a number of different international dance styles – Cumbia, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Merengue, Swing, Surf, Disco, Ballet, Tahitian and many more.  You can do it alone or up to 3 friends.  Also available for Kinect – for one or two players.

Move N’ Groove Kids – Two easy to understand and motivating ladies lead kids on a fun adventure to learn dance moves, exercise and have fun all at the same time.  Kids will love the energy in the video and won’t be able to resist following along to the simple but engaging exercises.  The DVD mimics a classroom setting, helping your children feel like part of the onscreen action while teaching them about small group dynamics as well.

Zumba Kids and Kids Jr. (CD) – If you’d prefer to teach your children your own zumba moves and routines, use this CD with 9 awesome songs to help you get your groove on!

Reed and Mock Elementary Zumba for Kids (YouTube) – You can join the Reed and Mock Elementary Zumba Team as they bust out some fun and simple moves.  Kids will like being guided by those of similar ages and will be engaged by the upbeat music.

Zumba Monkey Song (YouTube) – Kids of all ages will be able to groove along to this group of kids doing The Monkey Song.  It’s silly and fun, and your little ones will laugh while learning the funny moves and listening to the funky beats.

Yoga –  While not strictly exercising in a cardio-type way, yoga helps develop muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination.  There’s also a strong mental component that can encourage thoughtfulness, focus, and groundedness – all important elements for adults and kids alike!

Storyland Yoga (DVD) – This is a fun-filled yoga adventure that teaches kids yoga poses while telling a story.  Kids get to imitate animals while posing and engaging in the storyline.

Yoga for Children book by Lisa Flynn – This book will introduce you to over 200 yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditations for kids.  It’s an encouraging, positive book that will get kids excited about their health and mindfulness.

Cosmickids Yoga (YouTube) – Cosmickids is an all-free yoga program that makes yoga fun and exciting for kids.  Their website includes links to their YouTube channel where you can find many episodes of yoga routines suitable for different age levels of kids.  There’s also ideas and advice for parents, a list of free resources and a guide to teaching your kids yoga.

Yoga for Kids (YouTube) – This one episode from Yoga Today is geared specifically to kids.  They’ll love the gentle, fun approach to learning yoga poses.

15 Yoga Poses for Kids – On this website, you can learn 15 basic poses that you can incorporate into a daily routine with your kids.

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