Kitchen Table Redo With Sheet Music

Kitchen Table Redo With Sheet Music
contributed by House of Belonging

 The Nester says, ” It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”

 {and I say}

“If you don’t succeed the first time, try, try again. If still you don’t succeed, nuts to it!”  LOL 😉
this is not my original quote just one that came to mind:)

{ the beginning }


what started out being my {inspiration} the book that is…sanding table…laying out letters

RE-sanding over painted on letters…
{ this is why you will still see all of the dust under my dining table in the finished picture…lol! }

I painted the legs Heirloom White that I had Home Depot mix in latex paint…instead of a spray can…{ I am not good at spray painting….sorry blogland:)
I painted the edges of the table in this color that I found on {Cowboy} Phraseology…she painted her sweet new baby girls bed this color..I loved it.

{ Behr Cloud Burst }

I didn’t like the words…I know…I am sad about that:(
So the table lived there in a state of anonymity for almost a week.

 Nikki ROLLED her eyes…I know Nikki…I saw it 🙂
It came to me…Mod Podge!!  For a genetically dysfunctional crafter like myself
Mod Podge is like chocolate when your are PMSing..REALLY!

I had some sheet music from … yes a thrift store… so I laid it out randomly
and Mod Podged to my little hearts content.

I glazed over the whole table and then gave it a good coat of MP

Just a few pictures form different angles
yesterday we took down the bambooish blinds { they are nice in summer to keep the heat out though }
and immediate happiness filled the area…yeah!

{The picture below shows the blinds}

{ Phase I of Eat in Kitchen }

 {my favorite part of this picture collage?  BLESS THIS HOUSE }

The pictures above are without the blinds… can see how much ” happier” it is?
I am playing with some chair decor…I am going to tie on fabric just not sure what ” kind ” of fabric yet.  I used some muslin I had just to see what it would look like.  I am leaving it there for awhile to get a feel for it first.

This is PHASE I of the Eat In Kitchen….whew! 

Now for the painting of the walls….I DON’T think I will be stenciling any letters anytime soon…LOL!

Wink Wink 😉 😉  I DO have a couple of FUN things I am going to try though…go ahead…roll them eyes!!  Ain’t nothin a little REDO won’t fix..

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  1. >This turned out really great! I've actually been thinking about doing my hallway walls in our new (to us) house with sheet music or dictionary pages, so it's great to see how nice it can look. I love it!

  2. >That is SERIOUSLY awesome! I'm totally copying this. One of the most original things I've seen in a long time!

  3. >Hey there! I just stumbled upon your blog and I just wanted to say that I LOVE it!! thank you for posting. I will be back for more updates. 🙂

  4. >Oh that sheet music is so special. It has the previous owners fingerings in it. It was played with passion and dedication. This is such a wonderful idea. I am going to attempt the same with a little black table for my next music room (camping in an apartment at present… missing house projects terribly)…. but with some of my own music… scales and technical exercises that I will never use again… it will be quite cathartic making them unaccessible under a layer of lacquer!!!! A-M xx

  5. >What a really awesome idea! This has given me some inspiration for a table that I have been needing to redo 😉

  6. >I love this! I have a coffee table with an edge about the same width as your table and I was thinking about doing the sheet music to the center of it. What do you think?
    Also, I have some chairs about the same shape as yours but I can't figure how to make cushions/slipcovers for them. When you figure out what you're doing with the chairs would you mind sharing? Thanks for all your inspiration!