Life in the ‘burbs…

I finally found the pictures of the house, that we took when we first walked through. I thought I would put them up first, so these are the BEFORES! There are definitely more to come of the house as it is now, but give me a few days, (or weeks knowing me)
Justin and I like to joke that suburbs look like you live in a garage. “Hi, welcome to my garage, I mean, home!” And here we are living in one of those garages. We are going to have to do some major work to take the attention off the huge necessary monstrosity attached to the very front of our house!

The entry space isn’t to bad, I do love the open staircase, although I am going to have Justin make some really nice newel posts, and I need a really cool console table. The living room had a light that hung about 4 feet off the floor, was huge, always in your face and covered with spider webs!
Here is the kitchen, it looks into the living room, and is connected to the dining room. (basically one huge communal space!) I am excited to rip out the tile! I can’t stand it. And, we found out that they laid it on top of the old vinyl, so we can rip it out even easier, then stain the concrete floors!

This is the room where the entire family lived!
To each his own.
Here you can see where the cooler IS still leaking, the staining it has caused, and the attempt to landscape. Free brick pavers to move around, and reuse, sounds good to me!
This is a great huge space! AND, it’s private, so if it is a mess, no one has to know! We now have a whole LOT of wall space, but I really want to only put up our own art and photagraphy. I think it would mean so much more and be much more fun! We’ll see what we do!

The Cream?
There is a great walk in closet off of the family room, with room for all that family room type stuff. I LUV closets!


They all basically look the same,about 11′ x 11′ with awesome walk in closets!
Boring? Yes, but hey, it’s a bathroom, with nothing really ugly!
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