Little Leafy Tree Tops! Wall Mural

Well,  I mentioned this the other day, when I showed you the playhouses, but I can’t contain my excitement.  So I am back again, I am not anywhere near done but I must show you another sneak peak of what I did this morning for the girls playhouse, I still have 2 more wall murals to go.

Yes this is my shoe box top paint holder…
Starting the leaves:
Here were the walls before the leaves, technically T painted the trees yesterday:

I don’t know about you but when I was little I was forever creating houses in small groves of trees and villages out of cardboard boxes, so I can honestly say in that sense I guess I never grew up, because now I just play around with my house.

But this little project of mine is just so much fun!

In other news look forward to me telling you a little bit about The Pinhead Project
for all you fellow lovers of Pinterest!

You know when you have been planning on a project for a while and are all excited about it, then you open you reader or email and someone else is doing the exact same thing, only better and they got to it right before you… ugh!  That totally happened this morning when I opened my email and read this on Young House Love.  Oh well, I am doing mine a little differently, and without the celebrities so it should be much cooler right?  Aw shucks, maybe not, but I am doing it anyway!

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  1. What? How can there not be any comments? This is freaking awesome! I love it love it love it! Do you have the final result somewhere?

    1. KT, that is very kind of you. We didn’t quite finish it the way we wanted it. We will be posting some final pictures of it in the future. We ended up moving and finishing it a little bit different. It was a fun space though.