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Here is another sweet light from Yanet at 3 Sunkissed boys.  I love these old blue mason jars!  Here is what she had to say:

I’ve had this hideous light over my kitchen sink for way too long.
I wanted something unique in that spot and since my love affair with mason jars continues, I decided to make a pendant lamp with one.  I used a similar procedure that I did for the Anthropologie inspired lamp.  Here are the things you will need for this project.


I always forget something when I’m taking the things-you-will-need pictures.  I sprayed painted the white parts of the pendant with Rusteoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze but I realized later that I really didn’t need to because you can’t see them.
It is much easier if you get a metal drill bit the circumference of the socket.  

I didn’t have one so I jiggered it got creative.

I know, it looks sloppy.  But you can’t tell once it’s put together.  See?!
Once this part is done, install the pendant following package instructions.  Put in a lightbulb, then screw on the jar.
This is what the space looked like before.


Here’s after.

I took away the wreath because I thought it would take away from the pendant.

I love how unique it is!


Now I need your help.  With or without curtains? 

Won’t you please leave me a Sunny Note letting me know which one you think looks best? I’ll let you know what I decide on a future post.


When working over a kitchen sink, be sure to cover the drain (especially if there’s a garbage disposal). I didn’t and now there’s a screw stuck in the garbage disposal.

Update (06/30/10):

Just wanted to let yall know that I’ve decided to take the little curtain off. I think it showcases the lamp more. In the future, I want to perhaps put a bamboo curtain but for right now, it’s naked!! Thank you all for your suggestions. BTW, I had to have a plumber come out and take out the screw from the garbage disposal. I was not happy about that. So PLEASE follow my You-Can-Learn-a-Lot-from-a-Dummy-Tip!!!!

Isn’t that a great way to give yourself a fun pendant light?
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  1. Love this idea! I would go with a prairie curtain. I think it would “frame” your light, while at the same time letting plenty of sunlight in during the day. I hope to try it myself!

  2. I did this over my kitchen sink as well, but I put up a lace valance instead of a solid one, and I loved the look.