Master Bedroom Newly Decorated

Master Bedroom Newly Decorated
I titled this “the bedroom” because we live in a townhouse, and we only have 2 bedrooms: ours & Emma’s. It seems like I’ve been working on the room for so long, but it’s because I refuse to go out and buy new things, without getting rid of the old stuff first. Everything that was in our room prior, that I didn’t keep, I sold on Craigslist. We have very little storage here, and it doesn’t make sense to do otherwise! (This however, doesn’t help my impatient nature, at all.)
Here’s what the room looked like before:


And here it is now:
I am in love with the gallery wall because I took all of the photographs on it, except the portraits (obviously! haha.) and the one of Big Ben, with the old cars & snow.
I plan on piling more books up around the room, I just have to get them out of storage. Most of the books in here were given to me by my Grandfather, so they hold a lot of sentimental value.. and they’re probably my favorite things in the room. The title of that bottom book always makes me laugh. It’s called Emotional Problems of Living. haha.
I got the trunk on sale at Hobby Lobby.. and you probably won’t believe it, but it was only $40. And the rug was the first thing I bought for the room. I saw it & bought it on an impulse.. got buyer’s remorse while I was loading it into my car, then convinced myself on the drive home that I would return it the next day, and fell in love with it all over again the second I put it on the carpet . I’m almost certain that this means I have some sort of mental disorder.
The throw on the bed is from Pier 1. If you have an affinity for texture (I do), go buy one. It is the best blanketever. I have two now. I want to layer some more throws, but I’ve yet to find the perfect ones.
Of everything I purchased, I spent the most on bedding. I’m very frugal, but I don’t mess around when it comes to my sleep.. and I can honestly say that I look forward to crawling into my bed, all day long, because it’s SO comfortable.
So that’s it. It’s simple and cozy and it doesn’t feel cluttered.. and I absolutely love it.
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  1. >WOW, I adore all the care and love that obviously went into this! That gallery wall and the title of the bottom book are awesome 🙂 I think I'd get over any insomnia in a room like this!

  2. >Great job! I love the calmness and the personal touches in this master bedroom. It really has a ton of character!