Master Bedroom With DIY Rustic Barn Wood Headboard

Submitted by Buckets of Burlap


Hey my friends!

We finally finished the master bedroom!

Mr. Buckets of Burlap made this headboard.

Oh yes he did 🙂

We had some old tongue-n-groove barn wood.

So, he cut the boards to random heights and screwed them to 2 long 1x6s.

I’ve got lots of photos to share with you…

We found the chandelier at Lowe’s on clearance.

It was a little added surprise.

The vintage “cowboy” tub came from a vendor at Canton Trade Days.

I filled it with our extra pillows and quilts.

The armoire was moved from the den,

and I think I like it better in here.

The new headboard adds a rustic element to a romantic room.

You may notice a few changes in this corner, from my last post.

I had to move some things around to make it all fit 🙂

If you’d like to check out the BEFORE photos, go HERE.

Thanks for sticking with me through the makeover!

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  1. This headboard is the MOST BEAUTIFUL HEADBOARD I HAVE EVER, EVER SEEN!! I’m soooo jealous! I wish we knew how to find old barnwood in Arizona! I just had to tell you how fortunate you are as I would NEVER want to leave the bed!! The down comforter looks a lot more comfortable than the one I have(we don’t have a headboard & wish I could have yours!) Where did you get the down comforter & the burlap bag pillows? I WANT YOUR BEDROOM BADLY!! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!
    Cindy Kleese

  2. I fell in love with this and quickly stole your idea. I whitewashed some very weathered pallet boards (.50 per pallet) and it turned out better than perfect!! I think my king size headboard cost me all of $15 with the whitewash paint.

  3. Love it! I totally want to do this!! Ive seen lots of different ones using pallets and such but i love this idea even more!
    Now i dont have access to barn wood but would love to know more about how to make it. any ideas and tips would be awesome! 🙂


  4. i love this room, but i especially love the curtains – did you buy these or make them? what kind of material are they? thanks!

    1. Hi Valerie! This was a guest post, so I’m afraid I can’t answer your question — but if you’ll click over to the original blog (linked at the top of the post) then hopefully they can help! Thanks!