Play House Inspiration

One of the many projects in progress at our house is a play house for the girls.
Here is a sneak peek, it may take us 8 more months to finish but at least you knew about it first right?
You have probably seen that image before if you like Disney shows!
… yes I am copying the painting from Rapunzel for the play house! Cheesy I know but we love the movie!

Go here to see the next part of this project.  The tree mural!

Here is what I pinned for the mural:


Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some fun playhouse ideas that I have found mostly via pinterest:
I had to add one more:
Check out their others, my jaw was on the floor!
Do you guys have any great inspiration for playhouses?

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  1. I was a girly girl… played dolls every chance I could. I would of loved to have any of these special places for all that mommy play.