Quick change

I told you about the mother load of free junk I found, well this beauty was one of them. I still haven’t figured out what she is holding in her hands- frog, turtle?… Your guess is as good as mine. But the frame is large, if not gold, but I’ll get to fixing that later.

Anyway, lately I have been craving color. In fact, about everything in my living room was “green” with envy for color (meaning everything was just plain green, olive, lime you name it- green)

It was driving my nuts. So, I found one of my old paintings from a watercolor class Justin and I took at the local community college in Asheville.

Can I just say I LOVE continuing education classes! I know I’m a geek! Proud of it.

I had to get some black paper left over from college as a sort of matte and we still need some glass, but for now this is now hanging on my living room wall and helping the much needed color problems. (Someday, when I grow up, I will be a painter…)

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