Re-upholstered Side Chair

Re-upholstered Side Chair

Here it is folks, my first attempt at this re-upholstery business.  It wasn’t has hard as I imagined it to be.  Mostly just physically demanding.  My back was very sore from pulling so hard at the staples.  But over all it is just common sense.  Just put new fabric where ever the old fabric was.  I will be giving a full tutorial soon, maybe tomorrow.  Without further ado…. 


A lovely place to sit and read

Details of the fabric and trim
I wasn’t about to try the tufting or the piping.  Since this was my first time, I wanted to keep it simple .


Overall, I’m happy with the result.  I will try this again!  Here’s how I did it...
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  1. >Great job! I'm going to give this a try here before long – something I've never done before – so I hope my first can come out as well as your first!!

  2. >Beautifully done! That looks like a chair I brought home from a flea market not too long ago… still haven't tackled the upholstery on that. Again, tufting and all. Though, if you look around, tufting doesn't look too difficult, just tedious, and the piping/welting REALLY isn't that difficult at all. There has been TONS of it on the slipcover I've been tackling as my first sewing project, and as long as you can sew a straight line, you can do the piping. Go for it!