Spring Fever Organizing; Inspiration Monday

Well, I realize that it just snowed here, but I am having some spring fever- for sure!  I am officially tired of not having any projects done in this house and the mess that accompanies an unfinished project.  I feel like am usually very organized.  I just have not gotten there yet in this house.  
You see, I have this wee little thing that has distracted me.    And maybe some of you have been in my shoes before and can sympathize, but I am having to learn how to do “house work” things all over again.  I used to be able to clean something all day and into the next if I so desired.  Now, I have only 30 minutes here and there throughout the day, and I probably will have far too much to do tomorrow to not finish NOW!
Ss I wanted to share with you some pictures of beautiful organization….  I can dream right?  And in all actuality, we are getting one step closer to this which you will see tomorrow, on our own project… so here is to a clean house!

I love this image, the sharp contrast in the wall color and dish color makes the shapes of the vases pop.  Also the groupings of like items is just wonderful… remember, I’m a dish fanatic here!
I love everything about this image thank, you Martha.  I love that the color of the cabinet is coordinating with the dishes. That the bottom half of the glass doors are covered with a coordinating curtain, um genius, because seriously, how many of us have the space to make every shelf look pristine and beautiful… Honestly, I have to store my dishes somewhere.  And so many times they are stacked in there, and not always beautifully I might add!
This image is from eHow, I love it.  I love how clean the shelves are and the simplicity of the space.  I often have problems just having “decorator” stuff just for that stuff’s sake.  I am just not that way.  So, I decorate with books I love, dishes I can use and images I love to see..  I might need to branch out a little but for now, I am happy with simple.  What about you?
I am a sucker for symmetry, what can I say.  I am just drawn to it.  Not saying I don’t like things that are balanced and non-symetrical… But I digress.  Wouldn’t we all be proud of ourselves if our office looked like this space?  And if yours does, you deserve a pat on the back!
This is just dreamy, for those of you who think you could never have a craft/ creating room, I give you this most excellent craft closet.   I found this on A field journal, she has the plans for her space here, check it out.
And for the garage don’t you fellow remodelaholic’s love this idea?  It is a magnetic knife strip, I found here

And last but not least this laundry room from BHG is so beautiful.  I love the two side shelves.
Edit: Guess what, The actual owner of this very room just stopped by MY blog, 
I feel so cool!  Here is her website: Genevieve’s Home and Garden.  Check it out!
So, what do you think?
Do you have any organizational 
projects coming up?
What would you love to change 
in your house if you could?
What space in your house is always the catch all?
(mine would be the kitchen table.. gotta work on that little hot spot!)
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  1. >Thanks for the inspiration. That is one of the problems of being a DIYer/crafter–everything is always a mess!!

  2. >I always love to see great "organization" pictures. Somehow it has a calming effect on me.

    Now, to just get that same feeling while in my own home! Gotta go get busy now…

    Talk to you soon 😉
    Bunny Jean

  3. >Wow. I have the sudden urge to go organize. Thank you for the beautiful pictures!!
    I have 3 girls who each have their own room. They all three had many little areas in their rooms that would tend to be the "catch all" spots, until we did a little organizing and provided baskets for such things. I wrote a post about it. Surprisingly they have kept the "hotspots" under control…

    As far as our whole house, the study is for sure the catch all place. It was organized a couple months ago, but I still am finding myself exasperated at tall the little piles. It is getting better, although as I sit in it it does not look like the pictures below anymore:( we got some paper piles going on up in here…:)

    Love your blog, thanks for the inspiration.

  4. >I love looking at pictures like this. What I would change in my house is.. it would really be a house! We live in a 1-bedroom Apartment for now (because my husband is in school) and it's definitely a challenge to fit everything in.

  5. >I wish I could be as orgaized as those pictures. *Sigh* Its easier to dream about being organized then actually finding the time to do it!

  6. >Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration! Just what I needed. I'm attempting to conquer some organizing-type projects this week. First up, the kitchen. The whole room is a catch-all. I have more junk drawers than functional drawers! I'm taking some of my cabinet doors off to create open shelves, so I hope this will motivate me to get everything in order! Also, I'm starting on my craft room this week, which I'm super pumped about!

  7. >that laundry room is dreamy! haha

    also i am a big fan of painted 'inner shelving'….i loooove built-ins!

    i feel like every time i try to organize something, we just fall back into our clutter. we have this armoire thing at our entryway. tonight i finished up a cabinet welcome center for my hubby to clear his pockets/a couple files to presort/memo board. i just let the cat out of the bag, but that's going to be a blog this week 🙂


  8. >holy cow, that's my laundry room….no really it's my laundry room! I just found your blog…love by the way, as I am strolling along enjoying it I am thinking how much you guys remind me of my husband and myself and BAM… there's my laundry room! Great minds do really think alike! LOL! I just wanted to give a shout out and say thank you for posting my room and for all your inspiration! keep it up…I love it!Thanks again, Christi